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Black Velvets Vibrating Plug Review

posted by LSB September 17, 2020 0 comments

While I’m no stranger prostate toys I happened to notice that most if not all of my collection seem to be of the smooth and flat variety. Some may be curved, some with little bumps in them and some with added perineum stimulation but for the most part as I mentioned they are smooth and flat on the area that gets inserted into me.


The reasons above then are why I decided on the Black Velvets vibrating plug. It has 7 grooves, well 6 plus the head at the top and as I was keen to experience something more than smooth and flat the grooves were perfect for me. 

Packaging and first impressions of the Black Velvets Vibrating Plug:

The box is a little plain and the contents are sparse with the toy housed in a bag, some instructions, although there is nothing bad about the packaging considering the toy in question. The vibe within the takes a single AAA battery.

In the hand, the main plug is made out of silicone which is soft and very flexible whereby I had no issues regarding how it would feel in use. 

The main vibrating portion is a sort of longer bullet-style vibe, and it seems like it would be removable but in my use of the toy I found it to be stuck in very well which would help make the vibrations going through the plug a lot more, but on the other hand, I couldn’t get it out and left it in so as not to damage the toy. I’m sure once out it would loosen up over time as it was taken out more often but like I’ve said I didn’t want to damage the toy, or at least not until I had written this review.

An extra addition to this toy is a little piece aimed at perineum stimulation. There is no texture to this part like some toys have, and It’s more reliant on the vibrations to aid in the pleasure of the perineum.

In Use:

During first use, I lubed up well as I always do when using prostate toys, and after some warm-up fun, I proceeded to stick the Black Velvets vibrating plug inside me. The circumference isn’t huge but you certainly feel the head going in you and with gentle pushing you then start to feel the grooves as the toy goes further in.

I have to admit that for my first time with a toy with grooves, it did take a little bit of adjustment and getting used to which I had expected. Thankfully though I was pleasantly surprised with the pleasures the grooves provided me.

Being able to feel each groove especially when I moved the toy up and down was fun, and different from what I was used to.

Once I was used to the toy a bit more I then decided to test out the vibrations and again I was surprised. Most bullet-style vibes I have in the past were never that great, more an inconvenient buzz, but on the Black Velvets vibrating plug it was pretty nice. 

I wouldn’t say it was deep vibrations nor did it have any sort of rumbles like other prostate vibes I’ve had, but then again for the price of this and the fact it’s running off a battery makes it pretty good.


The soft silicone material of the Black Velvets Vibrating Plug make it reasonably comfortable in use, though because of the grooves it’s not as comfortable as I’d have liked when you’re just wearing it, but then again the pleasure of the grooves during use does make up for that.


The one minor complaint I’d have to bring up is the fact that the vibe only has the one setting which is that only does constant vibrating. This for me isn’t much of an issue as I mostly prefer to have my vibes on the constant setting, but others may like the various patterns vibes can offer which you don’t get, and I sometimes do use these other settings when they’re available.

Once I had got my first use out the way I began to get a little more comfortable with the grooves of the toy and finding the best ways in which I like to play with them. From having the vibe on, going up and down on the toy, or even just rotating it in me while I moved about.

All of these different ways provided some nice fun and the pleasures were good, but for me, it was never as nice as I’d hope.  To be clear it isn’t the fault of the toy but more just myself not getting on with the grooved aspect even if it was very much pleasurable.

I kept using the toy on further occasions and each time the grooves did give me a new sensation over the smooth and flat toys I’ve been used to it and they were pleasurable.

The perineum stimulation of the toy was nice when the vibe was on and the toy was pushed against you, but in general use, I didn’t find it as pleasurable since it was a little looser and not as tight against you to do anything.

So, overall impressions of the Black Velvets vibrating plug?


The toy is well made, feels nice and soft, is very flexible plus it’s got a vibe in it which adds to the fun all of which are positives.

It does a good job of giving pleasurable sensations, and I found the grooved nature to be that bit different from what I’m used which is a plus.

On the other hand, though I wasn’t as impressed with this as much as I’d hoped. I feel like this is a nice toy with decent pleasurable to provide. 

Unfortunately, it just didn’t do all that much for me vs other prostate toys I’ve tried, and I guess that’s just me. Maybe grooved toys like this aren’t my thing, and as I hadn’t used any till now I didn’t know.

At the end of the day, I still think this is a nice toy, the vibes are good for what it is and overall it’s a nice package if you like this kind of prostate toys, it just wasn’t for me.

I’d like to thank LSB for the guest review spot on her site as always and thanks to Orion for supplying the toy for review.

You can buy your own Black Velvets Vibrating Plug here


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this vibrating plug for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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