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Tenga Spinner Brick 06 Review

by LSB

Having reviewed several Tenga products recently I’ve begun to love what they do with their toys so I’m hoping the latest product, the Tenga Spiner Brick, lives up to past products.

The toy in question I’m reviewing is called Spinner of which there are 6 different models all with various internal patterns.

The model I have is the Tenga Spinner Brick, which is dark pink, and number 06 – and Tenga has a graph that puts this model as being more on the stimulation side with a little firmness and a little more diameter.

Funnily enough, I’ve always loved the idea of a spinning focused masturbator, getting a picture in my head of the sensations received through the spinning motion via the inner textures of a toy sleeve.

Until now I’ve never really experienced any spinning toy and not even looked into any as I wanted to keep the suspense going until I was ready to get one.

As I’ve come to expect from Tenga, the packaging of their toys is first class and with the Spinner, it’s no different. Tear off the plastic wrapper and you’re greeted to the toy housed in a plastic see-through case which also acts as storage.

The top and bottom black parts both come to reveal a stand that can be used to dry the toy after use and I love this sort of thing with Tenga toys. I don’t have to lay the bare toy on a towel or whatever to dry off whereby it can collect dust, dirt, and hairs even if it’s a clean towel, kitchen roll, or whatever. Also when dry I have a place to store the toy so it is kept clean when in my toy-box plus it’s kept away from other toys so the different materials don’t touch.

When removing the Spinner from the case I was assuming it would be a very soft and squidgy toy, but surprisingly the dark pinked spiral part stopped it from being super squishy. It’s still a soft toy mind you, like all Tenga toys but you get a slightly better grip with this when like a regular masturbator.

Like all Tenga toy, it’s less sex-toy in design which makes it a pretty toy to look at especially when you have it out drying not that you’d have it on display all the time.

Inside the package along with the toy are some documentation and a sample sachet of lube. The lube is Tenga’s Hole Lotion and not only have I grown to love that lube, but it’s just nice they include a sample sachet, especially for those that might not always have lube kicking around, like beginners or those who’s first toy is this Spinner from Tenga.

Most masturbators are straightforward with no instructions needed, but as this is a spinning toy, and I was curious as to how it worked, I went ahead and downloaded the user guide from the Tenga website just to see what their recommended way to use the toy was.

Out of the box and in your hand, the spinning motion isn’t that noticeable, hence why I wanted to see what Tenga said in terms of use so not only can I use it in whatever way I want, but also I’m using it the way Tenga intended.

Using the included Tenga lube I got my first use laying on my bed relaxing with the spinner in hand. I squeezed the top to let the air out as Tenga suggested, then held the top as I stroked up and down whilst watching the toy spinning which it did quite well.

Like all Tenga masturbators, the initial sensations were great, and the brick texture was effective in providing these sensations although I didn’t feel the spinning motion all that well to begin with.

Tenga suggests you hold the top of the spinner with vertical movements to activate the spinning motion the most, and during subsequent uses, this did provide some good pleasures more than I had experienced on my first use.

The spinning motion in my use of the toy was very pleasurable, but it wasn’t as pronounced as I’d have liked though given the type oo toy that it is I feel like it’s to be expected and not a negative but more my observation.

Having used the toy as Tenga intended a few times, to begin with, I found that going a bit slower helped with the spinning and overall nice pleasures from the brick texture in my Spinner. The slower nature made me fell every spin and every texture against me as I stroked up and down.

I also used the Spinner like I would any regular masturbator and again this produced great pleasure owing to the texture and lovely soft material used by Tenga. Of course, regular use didn’t show off the spinning nature of the toy but it did highlight that yes you can use it like that and you won’t have any complaints doing so.

The Spinner is very easy to wash with warm running water, although Tenga does say that you can’t turn it inside out apart from the insertion area, and as I mentioned it’s easy to dry when you use the included stand from the case which is again one design feature I love with Tenga products and not just the Spinner.

Overall thoughts on the Tenga Spinner Brick 

As non-powered (Battery or plug) masturbators go, the spinning aspect is an interesting one as I’ve no seen any others in my browsing of toys recently.

Having previously reviewed several Tenga toys I can safely say that they know how to design one nice looking product and package it well. The inclusion of a case as part of the packaging and their wonderful lube just adds to a lovely looking toy and makes the overall delivery and unboxing of said toy that bit more exciting and nice.

When it comes to using the toy, I found the spinning nature to work well for what is a masturbator at the end of the day, and it was very pleasurable when combined with the internal texture.

The spinner was soft in the hand, but as I mentioned wasn’t fully squishy, and had a nice grip to it when used as a regular toy. Not a major feature, but cleaning is easy, and as always the stand to dry it makes it easy to do after use without having to think about putting down a towel, or whatever which helps keep the toy cleaner.

Also, the case in which the toy comes in is a bonus and helps with toy storage which is always something I love with Tenga, and in general, I like having easy ways to store my toys away when not in use.

To finish off, I liked the Tenga Spinner Brick, it’s a nice toy that provides good pleasure through it’s spinning motion. It will be added to my list of toys that I will use regularly when in the mood for toys that is.

Finally a big thanks as always to LittleSwitchBitch and Tenga for the toy and chance to guest review once more.

If interested, you can purchase the TENGA TETRA at Lovehoney here (only version they stock)


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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the TENGA Spinner Brick for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed of TENGA Brick are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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