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Sexuality is constantly evolving – question is, are you?

by LSB
Sexuality is constantly evolving - question is, are you?

We as humans are flawed.

It is a simple fact and I really don’t need to provide evidence because you only need to open wherever you get your daily dose of news to see. A lot of that comes down to several more facts. Most don’t take accountability for their actions and if they do, they don’t learn from it and the circle continues. However, every now and then, someone brave enough stands up and admits they messed up, accepts that fact, and actually tries to do better.

Sadly, there are more of the assholes. Another fact.

Past experiences with sexuality

You may wonder why I am speaking about this, after all, this is a sex blog. The thing is now more than ever because language keeps evolving we need to step and understand that there is no longer just he or she and that everyone that expresses interest in the “opposite sex” is gay!

When I was growing up, everyone was “gay” and it was absolutely something you would never even admit for fear you would be tarred and feathered for it! Though I had a gay friend and he was wonderful. He came out and his self-confidence as a person got completely battered because obviously he was “diseased” or whatever stupid insult he was getting thrown at him that week. These taunts got so bad, he actually in fact asked if he could kiss me one day just to make sure he was certain he was in fact gay. How horrible is that! He was though, or who knows maybe my kiss turned him that way indefinitely, I jest, but yes, this was the reality.


Which brings me back to where I wanted this post to go.

Language has evolved and now you need to too. Humans have come along way (have we though?) since our primate relations and we need to speed up and continue to learn.

However, unlearning is the way the forward.

We, as humans are flawed creatures of habit. We know what we know and until we are proven otherwise, that is all we know!

Do you know that there are far more terms to describe sexuality than just straight, gay or lesbian…? Here are a few but there are far more types of sexuality out there. The more we evolve and the language evolves, the more understanding we have.

Allosexual – used to describe people who do experience sexual attraction and are not asexual.

Androsexual/Androphilic – Being mainly sexually, aesthetically, and/or romantically attracted to masculinity.

Asexual –  used to describe people who do not experience sexual attraction.

Aromantic – used to describe people who do not experience romantic attraction.

Bisexual – A person who has the capacity to form physical, romantic, and/ or emotional attractions to those of the same gender or to those of another gender.

Demiromantic – People who do not experience romantic attraction until a strong emotional or sexual connection is formed with a partner.

Demisexual – People who usually identify as asexual, however, can experience sexual attraction, if an emotional connection has occurred.

Fluid – This term refers to the fact that sexuality, sexual attraction, and sexual behavior can change over time and be dependent on the situation.

Graysexual – a term used to acknowledge the gray area on the sexuality spectrum for people who don’t explicitly and exclusively identify as asexual or aromantic.

Grayromantic – describes individuals whose romantic attraction exists in the gray area between romantic and aromantic.

Gynesexual/Gynephilic – Being mainly sexually, aesthetically, and/or romantically attracted to femininity.

Heterosexual – used to describe people who have a physical, romantic, and/ or emotional attraction to people of the opposite gender. Also known as straight.

Omnisexual – similar to pan and can be used to describe individuals whose sexuality isn’t limited to people of a particular gender, sex, or sexual orientation.

Pansexual – A person who has the capacity to form physical, romantic, or emotional attractions to any person, regardless of gender identity.

Polyamorous –  people who have consensual relationships that involve multiple partners.

Queer – An umbrella term that describes individuals who aren’t exclusively heterosexual and it acknowledges that sexuality is a spectrum.

Skoliosexual – Being mainly sexually, romantically, and/or aesthetically attracted to genderqueer, transgender, and/or non-binary people.


I am sure there are many more types of sexuality out there and of course, if you read this post and don’t spot how you identify on there, please reach out so I can update the post.


“So many things to unlearn….”   ~The Other Me.

No truer words have been spoken, there are so many things to unlearn. We need to do better. We have to do better.



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Storm September 9, 2020 - 2:29 pm

Quite a few of these were new to me! Thanks for writing this. I learned some new terms.

Chrisy Kay September 10, 2020 - 3:04 pm

This is a great post and I love the definitions. Some were new to me and I appreciate having the added knowlede. It is interesting to me that I find myself in many of these categories. Good food for thought!

E.L. Byrne September 13, 2020 - 3:29 pm

Thanks for these definitions and the info all in one place.

Luv Bunny September 14, 2020 - 8:31 pm

Thank you for this post LSB, and for the different types of sexuality. I read online that there are over 40 types of sexuality and I found it mind-boggling to get my head around all these ‘new’ terms. I tend to keep myself in the vague category of ‘Cis-het straight female,’ but I could probably identify with a few other types of sexuality.


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