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August 2020 – Thoughts and Favourite Finds

by LSB

Hmmm, August 2020 flew – yeah I have started saying the year since last month’s post because I feel it will be better going forward. Folks can then see the year and realise when the post was written, just from the title plus I think it will be fun to look back at August 2020 post in 5 years time.

So August flew and it was a super busy month for lots of bloggers. This month’s edition of my favs is jam-packed full of awesome words and images!

I am not sure who did this before (sorry) but I loved the idea and I am following suit this month! You have a pick n mix of titles and you have no idea who wrote them or took those images but let me tell there is some sexy, some beautiful, and some downright utter filthy stuff below me and trust me…. I needed a quick wank after these this month! *fans self* Enjoy and you can thank me later 😉

Yes… I know it is Thursday.. The last few months I have opted to post usually on the 2nd or 3rd day of the following month…. so I think that will be the way going forward.


[Sex] Please, Come Inside …


My own worst critic; when self-doubt is the product of low self-esteem.

From the darkness to the light


Fairy Woods

Hard Hat


140 Days

And now for something different

My stuff from August 2020:


Sex 101: The Anal Guide

Fantasy Vs Reality

A Place for You

Sex 101: The Lube Guide

Bruised by Beauty

Letting Me, Be Me

Dwell in the Darkness

Exploring The Darkness

Forever a Dreamer

My True Self


The Handy Interactive Handjob Stroker

Lovehoney Cherry Blosson Nightwear

Kisstoy K-King Sucking Vibrator


Another month full of words rather than reviews…. who is this new LSB ?!


Till next month, lovelies <3 Xx


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