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Rebel Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator Review

by LSB
Rebel Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator

Now although I already own a similar-looking toy, I was interested in this not only because the said toy was/is one of my favourites and I hoped this might be the same but also because the Rebel includes a slight hump, which I was curious to see how that it work whereas the other toy is just flat curves.

Unboxing and first thoughts

The packaging is nice but on the inside, it’s fairly plain with the toy, manual, and a USB charging cable. There’s no lube, carry pouch or anything fancy but the latter 2 points are more observations than negatives, and to be honest, I’d rather have money spent on making a good toy than adding extras you don’t need.

The main toy is a vibrating toy but rather than having a bullet type vibe inside and using AAA/AA batteries, it is all in one with a rechargeable battery.

A couple of things to note about USB cable. Firstly it’s a reasonable length compared to other USB cables for toys I have, not too long but not short either which is a plus for me.

My second note is that the USB cable has a (2.5mm?)headphone jack style cable that plugs into the toy, and depending on how you charge the toy it seems like it could be semi-robust at not breaking compared to barrel jacks I’ve seen used but then again if you’re careful it should be OK.

The Rebel itself is made of soft-touch silicone and feels nice in the hand. There are 9 vibration modes to the toy and according to the box, it should last up to 90 minutes on a charge which is plenty of time for even the longest play session with the vibrations turned on.

On the base of the toy, you have the power button and a hidden hole to plug in the charger. Two things to note with this is that firstly I couldn’t work out where the charger plugged into for a minute until I realised the hole was hidden and the cable just pushes through some material. Secondly was how to power on the toy, you’re meant to press and hold the power but I initially was just pressing power once and getting no results.

I couldn’t see any mention of the waterproof/splashproof nature of the Rebel so I can’t say it would work in say a shower, but since the charge hole is hidden I’d take a guess and say it can be used near water more than just to clean.

Vibration styles and first use of the Rebel Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator

I started using the toy after my usual relax/warm-up I do before any anal fun and owing to the small 3cm diameter I found it initially slid in me very easily but then it took a further slide to get over the bulge and once I did it felt comfortable. The main part of the toy was pleasurable without turning on, and although there are some ridged parts for perineum stimulation I found these didn’t do much for me (Same with other toys).

Upon powering up the Rebel you are greeted with a few strength settings then it moves the various patterns. These patterns are the typical kind you’d find on other vibes like the increase of strength for the vibes and such. Out of the 9 modes, I’m sure there is something for everyone.
I like to switch between the different strengths manually and upon first use, I found it to be very good. You won’t find it to be earth-shattering at the highest setting but pleasurable none the less.

During the first use, I immediately noticed how good it felt having the bulging part sticking out and putting pressure on the inside especially when the vibes were on, it added something extra than just having the press against me as with other toys.

Adding to the above the length of the Rebel at around 10cm when inserted was good for me as I once at the bulge I felt the pleasure of going further inside and reaching the p-sport/the spot where I find most pleasure from.

For a first time user, you maybe find it takes a bit to get used to pushing the toy into you past the bulge but once you do it’s very easy and satisfying to do. I’ve not tried too much walking around with it in me, but it doesn’t seem like an easy toy to falling out despite its smaller diameter size.

I have used the Rebel sitting down at my desk with a towel underneath, laying on my bed and each time I found the vibrations to be nice, plus it’s smaller size means you can play about with positions to find the right spot for you to get the most pleasure out of. Also when sitting I liked to push it on one spot with a little bit of firm press, and let the vibes do the work.

Honestly, though, I just had the most fun setting it to the highest vibe and getting pleasure from the constant movement of the toy in various areas.

Perineum stimulation was OK, maybe not quite as strong as another toy I have, but it does the job again when you put pressure on the perineum with the toy.

In all my uses I found the Rebel to be as comfortable as you can get from an anal toy and for me, there were no issues whatsoever with comfort.
Unfortunately I never really noted battery life down (Too busy having fun and I forgot), but I got a couple of shorter sessions in before I recharged the toy just to make sure for the next use, so the claimed 90 minutes of runtime seems like it should hold up. I never ran out of battery in 1hr of use over 2 sessions.

Overall thoughts then on Rebel Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator

The Rebel Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator looks nice, feels nice, and is fully rechargeable.

There are 9 vibration modes which should mean there is a mode to suit everyone, and I like the highest continuous mode just because I like strong vibrations and whilst on the Rebel, it isn’t amazingly strong it is still very good for a toy like this one which isn’t super high-end.

The bulge of the toy adds to the already good pleasure I felt with the toy inside me and combined with the vibes as mentioned above it makes it that bit better than had it not been there.

close up of the ribbed nubs on the Rebel Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator

Like I mentioned, I don’t have any doubt the toy will not last the claimed 90 minutes of run time, and being rechargeable makes it easy to use without having to have batteries assuming you remember to charge it of course.

Finally, I liked the toy and can see it being in my rotation of anal toys should I be in the mood for a vibe.

As always, and I’ll repeat myself as many times as possible if needed, thanks to Orion and LSB for the toy and review opportunity.

You can get your very own Rebel Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator at Orion here


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