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Colourful Joy Bunny Tail Butt Plug

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Before we begin I have to thank LSB and Orion for not only providing the toy but also for allowing me to guest review once again, so thank you both.

For review this time, I have the Colourful Joy Bunny Tail Plug.

For those that don’t know me, my wardrobe is mostly black and grey in the colour scheme by choice, and so it might seem a little surprising that I would voluntarily choose a bright pink toy to review, but dig a little deeper and it’s not so much of a surprise.

I’m a huge fan of butt toys, especially tails, and when something like the Colourful Joy Bunny Tail Plug looks as good as it does it was a no-brainier that I when I came across it that I had to pick it, even if it was bright pink.

The plug is nicely packaged in a colourful black cardboard box, and inside there is very little except the toy in a plastic shell and some documentation. It’s a no-frills approach to the package which I’m not against if it saves on cost, although I’d have loved to have seen a sample sachet of lube, if not for anything other than those who are maybe buying their first toy altogether or even just their first anal toy.

Out of the box, the plug feels nice and the tail portion is lovely and soft with Silicone, Acrylic and Polyester being the materials used. The bright pink colour is nice, and while maybe not my first pick I am finding that in this toy I love it and think it fits well.

The sizing of the Colourful Joy Bunny Tail Butt Plug is quite small with a 3cm diameter, 7.1cm length and 13.5 overall lengths including the tail.

The size makes this a great toy for beginners since it’s small and petite so will be easy to insert and play with. In my case, I like the smaller size, because when I’m wearing a tail it’s more about the look,  and the feel of the actual tail, rather than the plug giving me pleasure, not that I can’t enjoy that too, it is just not as important and even more a bonus.

Having been so excited about this toy, even before I got it when the time came to use it for the first time I took the savour the moment approach. I had some pre-use relaxation before lubing up and inserting the plug in me.

As I mentioned about the smaller size, it was indeed easy to insert, and despite it being smaller it seemed to stay in very well, and even when I walked around my bed to close the curtains it didn’t feel like it was going to fall out. As plugs or butt toys in general go, it certainly didn’t feel as filling as some bigger toys I have, but surprisingly for me, it had a pleasurable feel, more so in certain positions like when sitting down and having some pressure on it pushing it up inside you, but even when just standing up and walking about you can feel it.

As this is a tail and not just a plug I’m happy to say I love how soft the tail feels and how I almost forgot about the plug as I was so interested in the tail.

Being a bunny tail means it’s not going to be a big long flowing tail like others I have or have had in the past, and I’m not sure what is the right size for a bunny tail, but I do wish it was a touch bigger in this toy. I pictured myself with it in and it was just a small ball of fluff almost just peeking out rather than a big tail covering your butt

I had the Colourful Joy Bunny Tail Butt Plug in for about an hour during my initial use, with the first 45-50 mins or so spent just stroking the tail and admiring it which shows just how comfortable to wear it was and just how much I loved it even just relaxing with it in.

When I did get to the fun I found it to provide a reasonable amount of pleasure as I sat on it and let it press up in me, although the smaller size means you won’t get a much fun pressure as a bigger toy may provide but then this IMO isn’t meant for that.

Each subsequent use I’ve got from the tail has been as great as the first, albeit most of my uses have been for the act of having a tail and less about using it for anal pleasure.

Yes the pleasure has been there, and if you play with the positioning you can find the perfect spot where it compliments masturbation well, but like I said this is well for a smaller toy.

For me though, I find walking around while feeling the tail a lot had been what I like the most about this toy. The soft-touch of it has also been great to stroke and just letting my imagination run wild is always fun while catching a glimpse of the tail in a mirror or via my phone helps to heighten that.

The pink colour is bright and maybe not to everyone’s taste but I, someone who wears black and grey mostly, has liked the colour, and being on a toy it makes it more fun than if it were a more realistic representation of a bunny tail. Unlike the only other tail, I have in my collection the actual tail part isn’t removable so care is needed when lubing up not to get it all over the tail as it can be harder to clean off and it might affect it in some way. 

Other than the above it’s an easy toy to clean, running it under some warm water and letting it dry. I’ve stored the toy in its original box as it doesn’t come with any storage of its own, and I wasn’t keen on just throwing it my toy-box.

Overall then, what are my thoughts on the Colourful Joy Bunny Tail Plug?

It’s a lovely looking tail that does exactly what you’d want, and yes the tail is a not as big as I’d like but I can’t complain as that’s more down to picking a small tailed toy in the first place.

Being a small size toy it’s great for beginners or someone like me who doesn’t always want to go big and super-pleasurable, and sometimes just want to have some more relaxing fun.

Despite the size, you can indeed get some fun out of it though which is nice.

The tail aspect again despite being small excels in not only feel good but looking good too especially if you like the bright pink colour.

You can get your very own Pink Bunny Tail at Orion here


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