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July Thoughts and Favourite Finds 2020

posted by LSB August 3, 2020 1 Comment

Wow – Another month has flown by and here I am writing up my July Thoughts and Favourite Finds 2020. I have started adding in the year because I hope this time next year I will still be here and I will need this post to be called July Thoughts and Favourite Finds 2021… Ha, you are prob laughing at that thought but given how quickly this year has gone, it won’t be as long as we think until I am, hopefully, typing that post.


Anyway so back to this post – July Thoughts and Favourite Finds 2020!

July has been a full-on month for me writing-wise and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing all the posts I published. I have linked them all below.

Quote Quest is in full swing now – we have just started week 7 – if you haven’t checked it out already – please do <3

This month though I have loved lots of other posts too….


Girl on the Net: Let’s make a trifle!

GOTN’s love for her ex reminds me of how I feel about my OH. I read her blog constantly, I have done throughout their relationship and I feel those words that she writes because I understand the exact sentiments behind them. This post is utterly heartwrenching in true GOTN style, you feel her emotions, you feel like you need to cry her tears and you leave the post just wanting to hop down the screen of your laptop and rush to cuddle her. x


Focused and Filthy: Self Doubt

I adore Missy’s photography but I equally enjoy her words and this post, I think, is for anyone who is more photo-heavy on their blog ( I’ll raise a hand to that) will be able to relate to her words here. Missy has a beautiful way of wording how she feels and I hope she feels encouraged to do more x

Julie from Master’s Pleasing Bitch: Self Doubt

Julie, I feel your worries. I too, dislike how the community has changed but it is starting to come round again. You will feel your voice again and those drafts will soon become posts. I have stopped hiding because I too, feel exactly how you did. Don’t give up. Your voice is important <3 x



KnkStriped: Heart of the matter

Rosie takes the most delicious images and this one (which I hope she makes bigger because that thumbnail does cut it ) 😉 is just all kinds of yum!

A to Sub-Bee: My Teddy Bear

I had to include this – I am a sucker for a hairy man and this image just ticks all those boxes for me! Plus, I am also wishing I thought of doing this myself lol as I often refer to my OH as my teddy bear.

Molly’s Daily Kiss: The wizard of Oz

This image just does it for me. I love tartan and teamed up with those white socks. I must admit I don’t usually have a schoolgirl fetish – but maybe this image has inspired feels that suggest I do!



My stuff from July:


Lovehoney Flexy Beast Bendy Vibrator

Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable

We-Vibe Nova 2 – The Epic Handsfree Orgasm Provider


BDSM Diaries: His belt


Sex is about power

Self-Doubt – The bitch that tries to quieten me

Darkest Fantasies

My love of Legs

My Bear and Me

BDSM Diaries: Using Electrostimulation for Solo and Partnered Sex


Till next month, lovelies <3 Xx


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1 Comment

Julie August 3, 2020 at 12:35 pm

Thank you LSB for your kind words. I am starting to find my voice again and glad you are too xx


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