Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable

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It’s blueeeeeee….. Sparkly blue! OMG! A sparkly blue Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable!!!!

Yes you read that right – rechargeable meaning this baby is completely wireless! And I will start off this review by saying it is a complete work of art. Honestly from packaging, to the case down to the Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable itself. I am wowed by the whole package!

The Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable actually comes in its own super cute and practical case. From a parent point of view, this is bloody epic because it can literally sit there without anyone ever actually knowing what’s inside. Whoever thought of doing this at Doxy, I love you! You have greatly pleased me from a hiding ninja sexy toy point of view but also from a packaging fiend point of view.

My Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable, (did I mention it’s sparkly blue, ya??? I might be ever so slightly excited by that because it is beautiful) fits neatly into the silver metal tube and the lid screw back on. Not only does it house the rechargeable Doxy inside but if you turn that silver tubing upside down, you’ll find there is actually a home for the charging cable too so you never need to dig through that bag of chargers to find it. (Sadly I end up doing that far too much!)

The head of the Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable screws off and you can actually attach different heads onto it. I reviewed them in my Big Doxy Comparison Review if you wanna check them out! You can get a rabbit, a stroker, clitoral one, and prostate one. We have the rabbit and the stroker and have had much fun using both attachments with the original Doxy 3. I actually haven’t used the rabbit with Doxy Rechargeable – only to screw it on to see how it fits mainly because I find the rabbit attachment quite heavy and I actually love how light the Doxy rechargeable is so I don’t want to add weight to it. I know that sounds like a cop-out but I prefer using a rabbit rather than the attachment.

That being said we have used the stroker on my OH together and solo use. My OH quite enjoys the vibrations from the Doxy rechargeable and can’t fault it for power. He is pleased with how the vibrations travel through in the stroker. I find the stroker isn’t as heavy as rabbit so it doesn’t dead my arm when I use it on him.

The Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable is super easy to control – the same as the others. Power on/ off and +/- buttons control the intensities. You have the option to use pulse mode by holding the power button down for about 3 seconds, and it automatically pulses into life.

I suffer from bad neck, shoulders, and back pain and I really feel like the Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable actually is better to use on them because I can actually use it anywhere.

The only thing is it isn’t waterproof. I am not exactly sure why and I will admit my heart did sink a little when I discovered that. I do wish I was able to use it in the shower or the bath. But sadly, this isn’t the case.

I have fast learned that as much as I hate to admit broad stim just isn’t the thing to get me off. I am 100% a pinpoint kinda gal however, I really made more of an effort with the Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable because of several reasons. I love the Doxy power that comes off the rechargeable but it is Doxy power without a power cable which is a massive bonus when you just need a quick wank and two because it is sparkly blue and I just had to love it!

So I thought new ways of using Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable

Rather than just letting it sit there, I find applying more pressure works a treat. I find leaving it just lie there actually desensitizes me and this bugs me because the Doxy is a rumbly beast. I love rumbly toys! Surely we should be a match in heaven but sadly, as I have gotten older wands just aren’t my to go toy. Well, they weren’t until I made myself investigate ways to get this beautiful Doxy Rechargeable to work for me.

Rather than the top of the wand, I find the side is better. The smaller head allows more precision. I actually find the rim of the head( the silver bit) the best and using pressure with that literally pulls orgasms out of me. Deep ones…. The kind of orgasms that are the combination of multiple orgasms you have had before but a little bit of each one was left behind and they all join forces to become one, giant, epic explosion!

And this is why the Doxy is King or Queen 😉


If interested, you can purchase the Chorus, in any of the 3 colours, you can at:| Lovehoney UK Lovehoney US | Lovehoney EU


This item was sent to me from Doxy in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Doxy 3R are taken by myself!

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