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TENGA Crysta Ball Guest Review

posted by LSB July 23, 2020 0 comments

Time to welcome back, We Fear Nothing here on the LittleswitchBitch blog. This time they are reviewing the TENGA Crysta Ball. Another jam-packed review that is extremely informative and full of user feedback – but just don’t take my word for it… Continuing reading and enjoy 😉


In what is my 3rd and final review of Tenga products for LSB I have a toy from the Tenga Crysta
lineup. The Crysta consists of 3 variants, namely the Leaf, Ball, and Block of which I have
the Tenga Crysta Ball for review.

The main difference between each Crysta is the textures within, with the ball model I have
so named because it contains several balls as part of the internal texture in which Tenga
states on their site.

“Dynamic floating balls for pleasure in motion!”

The idea of the using balls for added pleasure is somewhat similar to another Tenga toy in
the Flip Orb although the ones in the Crysta are slightly different. The Crysta comes well packaged and like a lot of Tenga toys, it certainly looks very nice
just sitting there. The main toy itself sits on a drying stand with a plastic cover, and
underneath is a little sample sachet of Tenga’s Hole Lotion and a manual.

As I’ve come to realise, I love that Tenga toys come with a dedicated stand, or include
some way to stand them up as it helps when drying toys out making it easy to set and
forget till said toy is dry them you can easily store them away.

Like previous toys I’ve reviewed from Tenga, the Crysta is made from a soft elastomer,
though for some reason when I first handled the toy it felt very sticky to the touch more
than I was expecting. With every toy I get, I always wash and dry them before use, and I
found that even after that the toy still felt sticky but not overly so.

Unlike a lot of masturbators I’ve tried the Tenga Crysta is shaped slightly different, being
square with rounded edges, which while looking nice did pose the question “How would it
feel like in the hand during a play session.

Upon first use, I have to admit to finding the shape a little bit hard to get used to. It’s not
uncomfortable at all, but since I’m used to cylindrical toys this didn’t feel as natural as
those in my hand. I did end up getting used to the shape the more I used it, but I certainly
wouldn’t call it the most natural or nicest toy to handle.

When starting to use the toy for the first time I immediately noticed the size, and even
though I’m not huge the Crysta felt a bit small for my liking. This was evident when I would
stretch the top of the toy as I stroked, and although not uncomfortable, awkward or bad it
is something I wasn’t keen on. Looking at the Tenga product page though, it seems this
was a design choice, as Tenga shows the stretching top in one of their product photos so
yeah it’s more a personal preference thing rather than a negative against the toy.

Despite the above, I found the internal texture to be nice, and the addition of the balls, like
in other Tenga products add an extra layer of pleasure. Squeezing the Crysta against you
as you’re using it helps the balls rub against you while the regular textured inside does its
things, and once again the included Tenga lube goes perfect with this you.

Further uses of the toy were a lot better than my first having got used to the shape, and as I’m beginning to see, the textures Tenga put into their toys are very well thought out and you can feel them in use with this Crysta. I’ve used the Crysta laying on my bed when showering and even sitting at my home office desk with some background stimulation, and It works well for all those situations.

I also sometimes like to experiment with how I use toys, and as the Crysta has a plastic cover I figured you could leave it in there, sit the toy horizontally and use it hands-free if you wanted, using the cover to stop any dust, dirt, particles getting on the toy, plus stopping it rubbing on a desk, table, or wherever you may place it. I wouldn’t say hands-free is a perfect solution and probably not what Tenga have in mind, but it can work and I felt like I should mention it as an option

When it comes to cleaning and drying toys, Tenga again knocks it out of the park. As mentioned the Crysta comes with a dedicated stand, and so, after a quick run under a warm tap or rinse out you can set the toy on it’s included stands a let it dry. A bonus of the above is that because the toy is a good looker I don’t mind having sat on top a chest opposite the bottom of my bed where I can admire it, which is nothing you can say about
all toys.

So my thoughts on the Tenga Crysta Ball then.

Tenga has nailed a lovely looking toy once again in the Crysta and the fact it can sit in a stand is a nice feature especially for drying or just storage. I think the shape isn’t the best, I’m not a fan of the sticky nature of the toy, and I feel like it could be a bit bigger but those are the only negatives I have, and even then they’re minor gripes.

As I’ve said above the texture of the toy is great including the balls and it does provide you
with excellent pleasure like other Tenga toy I’ve tried. Also, the included lube is perfect with
this toy and it’s easy to see why they might suggest it as the lube to use.

Finally a quick thanks once again to LSB and Tenga for the product and allowing me to
guest review.


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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the TENGA Crysta Ball for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed of TENGA Crysta Ball are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

No affiliate links have been used in the post.


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