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Guest Review: TENGA Flip Orb Strong

posted by LSB July 9, 2020 0 comments

Time to welcome back, We Fear Nothing here on the LittleswitchBitch blog. This time they are reviewing the TENGA Flip Orb Strong. Another jam-packed review that is extremely informative and full of user feedback – but just don’t take my word for it… Continuing reading and enjoy 😉


Until this year my only experience with Tenga was with one of their egg lineup being one of my first toys that I purchased, but having just reviewed the Tenga Geo Aqua for LSB I’m back with a 2nd Tenga product for review in the Tenga Flip Orb Strong making it my 3rd Tenga toy overall to review and my 4th that I’ve owned.

The Flip Orb line initially comes in 2 variants namely Blue Rush and Orange Crash which are white and blue or white and orange respectively, but they also come as a strong edition in black and blue, and black and orange. (LSB’s review of the white Orange Crash here)

The difference with the regular vs strong is as follows, which I found on the Tenga when I was looking up some official product information

Firmer elastomer – for those who want intense sensations

All new internal textures – to complement the new firm elastomer


I happen to have the Orange Crash Strong edition and out of the box, it comes with some instructions and 2 sample sachets of their own Tenga hole lotion real.

I like that you are given 2 sachets of lube even if it’s a sample size because it means you can get more than 1 use out of the toy straight from the get-go. If you’re a beginner with toys and don’t have lube then it’s great to not need to buy lube right away (Having lube is always good though), but even if you do have lube it’s great to try a lube that Tenga would recommend is best for their toy so you get the best experience.

Tenga likes to shy away from creating anatomically correct or even erotic looking products, and as a result their toys always have a very pleasing design which is no different here with the Orb. The rounded ends, the curves, and the accent colours all combine to make this a good looking toy, which although doesn’t do anything for the actual pleasure it gives, it certainly enhances the overall experience beyond masturbation with it.

The Flip range of toys on the outside seems like your standard masturbator sleeves in some sort of housing, but as the name implies you can flip open the toy in a clamshell-style way which is meant to help in cleaning and this is true in my experience. It also differs from being a standard masturbator by the textures it has which I comment a little further on.

On one end of the TENGA Flip Orb Strong, you find a cover which slides on and easily covers the insertion hole end of the toy, making it great for storage and keeping it clean, but this cover also acts as a stand for when drying whereby the toy is flipped open the internals are then able to dry which is an awesome feature and makes it so easy to do once I’ve washed the toy compared to some others I’ve used.

The Orange Crash version I have for review has the main texture of lots of tiny little nubs whereas the Blue Rush has what Tenga calls wavy ribs.

The main selling point for the Orb and where it gets its name from is exactly that, 5 orbs on either side to aid in sensations alongside the nubs in my version. These orbs in basic terms are little balls cover in Tengas soft elastomer. On the outside there are 2 coloured rings on each side, orange in my case, and these are used to create pressure within the toy, a sort of suction/vacuum which tightens the toy around you and giving you an extra sensation.

As I’m no stranger to masturbators, I have a rough idea of what I like when using them, I say rough idea because not all toys are the same and so it can vary between different kinds. Anyway, this experience means I could get going right away and focus on the various feature of the TENGA Flip Orb Strong, like the texture, the orbs..etc

This first use was very much pleasurable, the orbs add a very good sensation to what feels like an already good toy and I could easily feel them as the toy went up and down on me. The combination of slightly more regular texture along with the orbs enhances things a lot more, compared with the toy not having the orbs. More = better is not always true, but in this case it seems the more (Orbs) has been well thought out to actually make it better.

The Flip Orb being a closed design toy means no lube or bodily fluids should escape, and this is always my preferred style for most play sessions bar the shower where a mess doesn’t matter as much.

In my use, I did find that thinner lubes can escape during more vigorous sessions when using the toy to its max, but in general use the toy can keep most fluids in if you’re a little more careful.

From my first use I felt the toy was reasonably tight but during my 2nd use I decided to try playing with pushing the little rings to tighten the toy, and oh boy once I did I could instantly feel it so much tighter which is what I like, it wasn’t overly tight to any discomfort, and for me at least it felt just tight enough. Having it tight just makes all the textures press against me more, and I find the pleasure that little bit more intense. The tightness once set it just that…set and you don’t need to keep holding anything down, unlike some toys I’ve used (Unless I’m using/have used them wrong hehe).

Although I like it a little tight to get the extra pleasure I also like the option to have it a little looser depending on my mood. Not everyone is the same so having the flexibility as to how you use the toy will ensure you’re not getting the same repetitive sensations every time you use it unless you like that.

As I mentioned being no stranger to masturbators and knowing what I like, I was able to experiment with the TENGA Flip Orb Strong in various ways on subsequent occasions. I found from standard stroking to tightening as mentioned up to hands-free that each time I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure I got.
I could take the mood I was in a find the right style for me, whether I wanted a quickie session to something longer, playing in the shower, or relaxing on my bed.

Most textured toys seem to fall short for me, as they hype up their textured inside and then don’t deliver. Surprisingly though, just like the Tenga Geo I reviewed, this Flip seems to get it right when it comes to textures, more so because of the orbs inside, so whatever Tenga are doing when designing a toy it seems to work for me.

As I previously above, cleaning is a breeze as you unclip one end, rinse the insides out then sit it on the cover/stand till it dries. I can have the cover sitting anywhere I want as it just holds the toy till it’s dried

This is honestly one of the easiest toys to clean I think I’ve ever had. With most sleeve types I’ve had to remove them from their plastic housing, stretch them inside out, then once rinsed I’d have to find a place for them to dry i.e. a small clean towel or something and even then they get dust and particles on them from even the cleanest towel.  With the Flip Orb, there are no such issues or very little when cleaning and drying.

So, my overall thoughts on the Tenga Flip Orb Strong Orange Crash then.

I’ve used one of the more well-known masturbators in the past amongst others of varying quality/price, and I have to say this Tenga is so far my favourite in every way possible.

The textures including the orbs the toy is named after really do give me a lot of pleasure, and the fact I can alter the strength/suction of the toy based on my mood and what I feel like is excellent. I can use the Flip Orb in many different ways and still receive amazing sensations no matter what, and the 2 sachets of included lube are fantastic which let me use the toy right away, and with what Tenga recommends in lube.

Cleaning is also easy and painless meaning even after I’ve had my fun I don’t have to worry.

Thanks once again a huge thanks to LSB and Tenga for allowing me to receive this product to review.


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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the TENGA Flip Orb Strong for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed of TENGA Flip Orb Strong are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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