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Time to welcome a new but soon to be regular reviewer here on the LittleswitchBitch blog – We Fear Nothing! This review is fantastic – extremely informative and full of user feedback – but just don’t take my word for it… Continuing reading and enjoy 😉


It’s June 2020 and my first toy of the year is from Tenga, a company that’s been around since 2005, and who I’m very familiar with, although the only toy from them I’ve ever used is the Egg which happened to be one of the earliest toys I ever bought.

The product I currently have for review right now though is one from the Tenga Geo lineup of which there are 3 to choose from, in Aqua, Coral, and Glacier. I happen to have the Aqua but for all, Tenga gives a quick descriptor of each.

The Aqua being “Direct Undulating Pleasure”,

the Coral “Elegant Enveloping Pleasure” and

the Glacier “Dynamic Surging Pleasure”.

The main difference between the 3 products is the geometric ridged pattern of them, each providing a different form of pleasure.

Looking on the Tenga website I noticed they have a great explanation about the Geo product name of which they say:

“Geo” comes from the Greek word meaning “Earth”. “Geometry”, meaning “to measure the land”, uses this root word. Round like the Earth, with intricate details based in geometry, the TENGA GEO has drawn inspiration from mathematics and nature

The Geo comes well packaged sitting on a little plastic stand with what they call a transport anchor inserted, then on top a see-through plastic cover displaying the toy in all its glory. Underneath is a removable tray that houses the user manual and a sample sachet of their Tenga Hole lotion Real which they recommend for further uses of the Geo. My first impressions of the Geo were great, the toy is a pleasure to look at and could easily be placed on a shelf like some kind of small sculpture.
The material it is made from is called elastomer which is soft but stretchy and reasonably thick, which feels nice in the hand and is similar to other sleeve type male masturbation toys.

Initially, I did notice a couple of minor things, firstly was that the reverse side of the toy without ridges looks a little rough as pictured and I find the toy can easily pick up all manner of small dust, hairs, particles and such even right after a wash. This last observation is something that a lot of toys made of a similar material suffer from so nothing against the Tenga but I thought it worth mentioning

Being a toy without any fancy battery-powered features it makes the Geo a very simplistic toy which is certainly a good thing here. The simplicity makes it quick and easy to use, take it off the stand, lube it up and away I goThe reverse side of the toy as mentioned is without ridges so it is fairly smooth in the hand but at the same time easy to grip on to unless you get lube on your hands.

When it came to using the toy for the first time, I squeezed the included sample sachet of lube supplied into the Geo, slipped it over myself, and began to stroke.  I found the size of the Geo to be pretty good for myself. I’m probably slightly below average in size but I didn’t feel like it was too big nor too small, and I was able to feel all the patterns in the right places.

On first use, I went with my normal stroking pattern to try and get a feel for the toy in a more everyday use scenario that I’m accustomed to.

The Tenga lube combined with the soft material of the toy made the initial use very pleasurable, and the geometric ridged pattern of the Geo added to this pleasure when pressed against me. The softness of the ridges made them feel very subtle during stroking motions but they moved up and down you could certainly feel them. As I continued with my play I started to experiment with various motions, speed & strength of grip which changed the sensations I got some better than others.

I’ve used the Geo on many more occasions, and each time I observed the same great pleasure from the particular pattern of the Aqua model I have.

In my continued experimentation, I found that rotating of the toy alongside the usual stroking patterns was the most pleasurable for me. The shape the ridges make when invert the toy combined with the twisting/rotating motion does add something I didn’t observe when just stroking as normal

My experience with Tenga lube is very little, but I have to say I love the Tenga Hole lotion provided with the Geo even though it’s only a sample size. It’s not sticky, not too thick, and has a great consistency which when paired with the Geo both work well together.

As the Geo isn’t housed in a plastic body or such like it makes after use clean up very easy, just running it under some warm water and inverting it to do the other side. Once cleaned storage is handled very nicely since it’s stored on its very own stand rather than in a box and you just put it back when done to let it dry before putting the see-through lid back on before storing it away. I found it best to reuse the transport anchor and put I back in the toy when using the stand, as on its own the toy is a little floppy so the anchor just helps.

A couple of minor things to note:

Firstly I noticed after the cleaning was that the ridges stick to one another, and while this isn’t a big deal or any deal at all it does spoil the look a little not that I’m going to be displaying this. It’ll sit in my toy-box out of sight anyway. Secondly, while you could easily take it with you if you’re someone who likes a toy with them on holiday, hotel stays…etc it’s not the most convenient of shaped boxes (Not that it’s a box) and I did find the top cover of the stand isn’t very secure when not sitting flat on say a table (Maybe keep the two bits of tape holding it down on).

The Geo is certainly not a toy I’d take with me on my travels due to the non-standard shape making packing it into a bag a little awkward.

To sum up my overall thoughts on the Tenga Geo Aqua then, they are very positive.

It’s a lovely looking toy out the box, the material is nice and soft but thick enough to feel good without fear of tearing during regular use, and honestly the sensations given with the pattern of the Aqua model I have were fantastic. The soft subtle pressure of the pattern was very pleasurable every time I used the Geo.
Cleaning is very easy and the little stand for the toy is great as it not only helps when drying out the toy but it’s also great for storage and keeping the toy free from pickling up dust and dirt.
Finally a big thank you to Little Switch Bitch for allowing me to guest review, and Tenga for supplying the Geo Aqua, and I hope you enjoyed reading my honest thoughts.


If interested, you can purchase the Tenga Geo Aqua here


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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the TENGA Geo Aqua for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed of TENGA Geo Aqua are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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