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June Thoughts and Favourite Finds

by LSB

Oh my god, June… June was an absolute rollercoaster of a month for me! Honestly from extreme highs to lows and very little in-betweens.

First things first and an absolute MASSIVE high was I finally created and launched an idea that has been swirling around in my brain for months. Quote Quest finally exists and so many of you lovelies have taken part. I even have volunteers to do weekly round-up posts! I am not gonna lie – I honestly nearly threw up that day I finally took maintenance mode off and set Quote Quest off into the big, bad blogging world. Of course, my overthinking brain thought no one would get it, or worse no one would join in but you have and I love that you get it!

As we plow along in this rollercoaster, June saw a major dip for me

I wrote Fresh Air – I was not in a good place at this point. I had spent weeks hiding feelings of sadness. My blog is full of posts about my need for physical love as well as emotional love. I think I actually need the physical more if I am honest but maybe that’s for another post… I did dip into those feelings here in Highly Sexed. Anyway, I finally spoke to my husband and ended up Taking Time away from social media and we reconnected. We actually got time out from the kids too for a few hours and managed to have spontaneous play session – perfect timing too as I wrote all about Floggers and being Flogged and managed to get some new pics of my beautiful bruises <3

June also saw me lose my Twitter account. By the way- I am still on there under @_LittleSwitchB. I have shouted it from the rooftops – but in case you missed it – I didn’t do anything illegal. I just wasn’t able to verify my phone number as the one twitter had was an old, unused number. I have now since been moved to fully suspended so who knows – I might never get my account back. I am not gonna lie – I was devasted when it happened. Over 7 years of my online life and over 9.3k followers just gone like that – poof – I am less angry about it now. Some days sad but it is, what it is. Come say hello to me on my new account <3

June has seen me write more than I ever have on my blog in all my 4 years. I took part in Every Damn Day in June and I can 100% say if circumstances allow me, I will be back to take part again next year. It has taken me out of my review and image comfort box and encouraged me to write more personal posts. I have loved it.

Thank you Hy x


So what else have I loved in June?


Taking part in Nillin’s One Rainbow apart meme and reading all the posts that celebrate pride <3 My post, Am I Bi, Pan or Queer? and you can check out all the others here!

How to wank with a Doxy (or other wand toy) – Girl on the Net

I see GOTN saying she can’t review toys but this Doxy post is quite possibly the most in depth Doxy review I have ever read. It is like a love letter direct to her Doxies LOL

[Life] Why I Think Hate Is An Easy, Lazy Thing! – Floss Does Life

This is a post we could all benefit from reading, multiple times. Go, now – read it, listen to it, and do it!


I See – Love is a Fetish

I adore this image – so much so I completely arsed up my comment on Nikki’s site as I got distracted and did allll the typos!

Wild – Happy Come Lucky

I actually growled when I saw this image – oh holy god is it all kinds of sexy!!

The Times They are a Changing – DomSigns

The image is fab! The makeup, the mask, the man in it, the emotional support from his furry friend 😉 The whole image oozes fun!


My stuff from June:

I wrote loads – some of which I have already linked above – the rest you can find here under the Every Damn Day tag.


Till next month, lovelies <3 Xx




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