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BDSM Diaries: Flogging is a favourite

by LSB

“The thing is that you brought this out in me. How could I want it with anyone else” – JM Storm


Flogging is by far my most favourite punishment (treat?) of choice, after His hands of course. Nothing beats his hands heating up my flesh. Combine the two and I am in heaven. A flogging followed by hard spanks and even some nails digging into my flesh and well, I am literally putty in His hands and will leave a puddle underneath me.

I get to review items all the time and if floggers are available, I will almost always go for those. My love of floggers didn’t always exist though and I actually cannot pinpoint when or why my love affair with flogging came about. When we started dabbling in kink first and you asked me to pick an impact toy of choice I would have always said a crop. Crops are still a firm favourite but a flogger will still always be the first choice now.

We have loads of them – rubber ones, leather ones, ribbon ones, dildo attached ones, and even tipped ones with balls and roses. Each feels completely different. Each sounds completely different.

And surprisingly enough, indecisive me has a firm favourite. This one sounds incredible as it whooshes through the air. It equally smells so fucking good. Made from leather, the smell is so intoxicating. Every time before we play, it is my job to take everything out and set it up. I will always pick this flogger and I am usually found sitting with it, smelling it when my OH comes into the room. That rich, earthy smell makes me so happy while equally making me with twinge with excitement.

I seem to have quite a tolerance with flogging in comparison to other impact toys. I can lie there and receive quite a beating and I don’t considerate it a punishment. I enjoy it – I find it extremely therapeutic. My OH has realised this though and he will give all I want until He gets me to a point and then brings out this evil mofo that will happily admit I hate. It’s an absolute bastard of a thing and without fail, it appears as my OH enjoys watching me squirm and this successfully does the job. He uses it as an extension of his hand – it directs me into position and holds me there. It works, effortlessly because I hate it.

My OH knows leather works for me. He removed His belt, rubbed it to encourage the smell and proceeded to hit me with it to warm up my skin. When He was satisfied with my blushing bum, He put it in my mouth and gagged me and told me to engulf the smell, while He flogged me and spanked me simultaneously. He then moved the belt around my neck and tugged on it while He entered me. A heady mix of fun continued until the entire session stopped abruptly and in His usual head fuck way, He announced: “I hope you enjoyed the warm-up” and left the room, leaving me in a worked up, dripping mess.


The thing is He has brought out all this in me…. Something I knew was always there but He nourished it and has let me flourish and grow. Always helping to push my limits, allowing me to discover more of who I am. I honestly don’t think I could ever want this with anyone else.


An image of my bare butt with a floffere laying accross waiting patiently for a good flogging




         Sinful Sunday


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the barefoot sub June 27, 2020 - 7:57 pm

This post is lovely, the way that he has nurtured something that lurked deep inside. I think we all need someone like that in our world

Zebra Rose June 27, 2020 - 8:25 pm

Ooooh that all sounds like great fun! I’m in awe of your flogger collection!

Joanne Summers June 27, 2020 - 8:33 pm

Flogging is amazing, and those pics bring back all sorts of happy memories of my last good spanking for me. Thanks for sharing.

Muse June 27, 2020 - 8:59 pm

Sounds and looks utterly delicious x

Starcross June 28, 2020 - 9:03 am

Glorious photos LSB. I agree that flogging is a treat for the senses

Focused and Filthy June 28, 2020 - 10:54 am

I love a good Flogger and looking at all of yours I think I may need to expand our collection.
Great description especially of the leather smell.
Missy x

Victoria Blisse June 28, 2020 - 12:28 pm

Floggers are like a lovely massage sometimes! Love your passion in this 🙂

Modesty Ablaze June 28, 2020 - 4:11 pm

Wonderful post LSB … particularly your last paragraph.
And that is a lovely photo of your bottom with the flogger draped across you.
Love this !!!
Xxx – K

Jaime Mortimer June 29, 2020 - 1:09 am

Lovely photo as always.

And your writing about the flogger is glorious!

Love the photo and text!

Julie June 29, 2020 - 6:00 pm

we also have a variety of floggers and I too love a good flogging. I’m in awe of those marks as I don’t tend to mark much.

Bee June 29, 2020 - 8:06 pm

Snap! Although we’re very different, I’ve wanted to get my hand on one of those claws for ages now, they aren’t evil, they’re beautiful.

LSB June 29, 2020 - 8:12 pm

It is super sharp… My OH loves to redden me up and use it! I really hate it, like really, really! My left leg is full of scratches from the other day because it kept slipping outta position and he used the claw to ‘adjust’ me

Brigit Delaney June 29, 2020 - 8:40 pm

So is the leather flogger your favorite? Which would you suggest to a person new-ish to flogging? (btw…beautiful photo, as always!)

LSB June 29, 2020 - 8:47 pm

The metal handled one is my definite favourite <3

Erm, I would 100% recommend staying away from rubber or a tipped one.

A ribbon or corded one may be a good place to start but in all honesty, the flogger isn’t the biggest worry. It is who is flogging. Say for example it will be your OH – they need to practice on themselves first and understand the swing and the weight. The accuracy of those hits makes a difference and the weight and force behind them will too.


NPE June 29, 2020 - 11:49 pm

Sounds like the real tool is Him, not meant in the derogatory sense!

LSB June 29, 2020 - 11:50 pm

And that He is *dies*…! His hands are wonderful, in every sense of the word 😉

DeviantSuccubus July 2, 2020 - 12:07 pm

Those are some sexy images! I quite like flogging, I find it relaxing sometimes, and other times extremely arousing.

Molly July 2, 2020 - 9:42 pm

I LOVE floggers too. I miss being flogged so damn much. No idea when that will ever happen again to be honest.

As for the dildo attached ones, I have always wanted that flogger, the thought of being flogged until I was read raw and then fucked with that glass dildo handle just does
it for me


PiecesofJade July 4, 2020 - 12:07 pm

Beautiful images, as always, and love what you have to say about being flogged! I am also a fan.


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