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New Beginnings – #QuoteQuest

by LSB

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.” – Louis L’Amour


I picked this quote to be the very first Quote Quest meme for many reasons. Folks could read it and see an ending, others new beginnings, and some will even see both. It can be interpreted in so many ways – a new toy, a new kink, the ending of a relationship, the beginning of a new journey… The possibilities are really endless.

The one reason that popped into my head and really stood out was really how the sex blogging world is changing and how we are seeing so many endings ripple throughout the entire community. But equally, we are seeing many New Beginnings opening up too. No True Way is another new meme that Lillith has created. It is mainly kink focused and is definitely a welcomed prompt to get us all thinking about how we see D/s, regardless of whether we are into that or not. I have a post half-written on the first topic, which will be on the blog soon.

So back to endings and the sex blogging community. I wrote all about what is happening back in April (or was it May, who can keep track of time now) and since then things really haven’t gotten much better, sadly. Daily Twitter has turned into an absolute shitshow of a platform to be on. Honestly, I spend more days on there facepalming on there than I think I do reading.

I tweeted recently about why folks have such an issue with others lifestyles and honestly, I am still reeling for the aftershocks of some of the things I have read lately. I am not even in the firing lines for these tweets either so really I have to shout out to Nillin here because I saw some of the horrible things they have been called, all because Nillin is trans and because Nillin calls out folks on basically shit on them. Like come the fuck on people, it is 2020. Who actually cares. Sadly, it seems opinionated trolls with nothing better to do than piss on people’s parades do!

It isn’t just Nillin that has had to face this bullshit – all trans-bloggers have! You can read all about the whole thing here. Nillin recently wrote an updated post here and it worth a read.

It seems those who are utterly shitty keep surfacing a nd slowly but surely they are being weeded out!

I for one, welcome a more inclusive, friendly space – one where we can be who we want, dress how we want, love who we want without others feeling the need for others to publicly vomit utter toxic shit on us!


nourish and grow love and create New Beginnings

So Quote Quest was born – a new meme created for all. It is an inclusive, safe place to bring joy, love, creativity, and education to all. The sex blogging community might have ended in parts but now, it is time to nourish the bits that are left and to create new ways for us all to reach out to each other.

Find new people to read and interact with over at Quote Quest and read all about their New Beginnings






Post is also linked up to every Damn Day in June <3




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Julie June 24, 2020 - 6:16 pm

I’m so pleased you started this meme and glad you chose this as your first prompt. Like with so many things that have happened this year we will look back and see many endings but also an opportunity for new beginnings. xx

Brigit Delaney June 26, 2020 - 4:39 am

I’m hoping things heal. Twitter sure has been a rather wicked place these past months.


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