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May Thoughts and Favourite Finds

by LSB

Hello <3 I see so many folks saying the days are dragging but I find mine are bloody flying! It honestly doesn’t feel like a month ago since I started writing up my thoughts for April – a post all about supporting my fellow LGBTIQA+ bloggers. I wish I could say a lot has changed since my last post but in reality, it hasn’t. I see some bloggers have rebranded and others really don’t seem to give a fuck about the hurt they have caused.

It isn’t surprising we are still here in 2020 shouting from the rooftops about helping marginalized folks, POC, or any other folks who identify as anything other than CIS heteronormative. You only have to turn the news on, any day at any time to see what an utter shit show the world is. The recent event to shock the world was George Floyd losing his life under the knee of nothing more than a disgusting, vile piece of shit. Honestly, my stomach turns than someone could be that cruel, that poor man.


I remember writing my new year post and wishing for all the lovely things in 2020 – I wanted to read more which I actually am doing since lockdown. Sadly, I am one of the unlucky buggers and my birthday was in May. It was shit but of course, that statement isn’t surprising. I am no different from many others celebrating theirs, but I have my someone beside me so that made the day better. As a birthday treat, I bought myself new books. I own a kindle and sadly, my new books have only enforced the fact I really don’t like it.

Currently, I am reading ‘Come as you are’ by Emily Nagoski and I am devouring the pages.. In fact, I am typing this post super fast as I want to get back to my book. Next on my to-buy list is books about Tantra because it is something I am super keen to read and learn about.

My blog also turned four this month – FOUR – yeah and it has been an incredible ride (Bahaha – that too 😉 lol ) – I currently have a giveaway running and it ends real soon so get your entries in here.

Anyways, that is my update – I am taking part in Every Damn Day in June this year too so you can follow my daily posts here, if you like 🙂

So that was May thoughts – time for May Favourites.


Fuckit – A to Sub Bee

I shared Bee’s enthusiasm for lists. I write lists for everything. The image included for this post is bloody hot – go check it out quick, if you haven’t already!

Permission – Violet Fawkes

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to find the words Violet wrote hot here. Reading about facials wouldn’t be something I would rush off to read. The image got me intrigued – that is a super cute, smuggy grin, and the face it is attached to it seems to be my type too lol. But Violet’s words and the raw passion behind each one… Honestly, this post really got me more flustered that I was expecting!


Loud Pipes and Lucky Boots – Tabitha Rayne

Holy god – this image is so hot. Bikes wouldn’t really be my thing I must admit but there is something so sexy about Tabitha looking so feminine in that dress and boots against the burly, rawr bike! Just yum!

Early in My Coming Out – Mx Nillin

I already commented on Nillin’s post about how much I love their sass in this image but it is making my round-up post too because I really love this image. There is such confidence behind that pose, I would love to bottle some of it!

Poems – Floss does Life

Holy sweet Jesus – that diptych black and white image fucking melts me. Hot AF! Utterly delicious – I highly recommend a peek, if you haven’t seen it! You can thank me later 😉


Special shoutout for my buddy, Bee who has just taken over Scavenger Hunt. The site looks bloody amazing and they should be so proud of it. Bee and her OH has done an incredible job and I hope to be brave enough and finally get a badge on my shelf at some point 🙂 Go check it out here <3

My stuff from May:


Fantasy Threesome – our fun with a sex doll


Lover of Lists


Indulge in Him – My OH’s deliciously, beautiful legs <3

Everyday Blessings

Controlling Steps


Walk Differently



Vibrating Suction Cup Masturbator

Cottelli Collection Thigh High Laced Boots

Lovehoney Gyr8tor



Till next month, lovelies <3 Xx


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Modesty Ablaze June 6, 2020 - 6:41 pm

Happy FOUR … and here’s to lots more Fours to come !!!
And isn’t that photo of Tabitha’s just so, so sexy !!!
Xxx – K


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