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Vibrating Suction Cup Masturbator

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It is really hard not to look at the Vibrating Suction Cup Masturbator and not to start to compare to Tenga. The similarities are there. There are a few things this toy has that Tenga does not. However, the big difference is the price tag. Tenga is far more expensive than this lookalike. The question really is – which is more bang for your buck?

The Vibrating Suction Cup Masturbator comes with its own storage bag, something Tenga doesn’t have. It also has the ability to provide you with sound effects – while you bang away, a lady moans back at you providing you have plugged in a set of headphones(not provided) into the audio jack, found at the base of the toy. The toy can suck you off, again something Tenga can’t do and it vibrates too. So far, it sounds like it really stands up against Tenga. This toy, however, is significantly cheaper though. The question is, is that reflected in how the toy operates?

Toy info from the BestVibe site:

Material: TPE,ABS,PC
Power: USB Charging
Vibration Modes: 10 Frequency
Sucking Modes: 4 Strength
IP Rating: Waterproof
Use Time: 80 mins(Fully Charged)
Battery capacity: 850mah
Motor load revolutions: 7000r/M
Net weight: 742g

It is also worth noting that the website states this toy can be shared between lovers.That would be possible if you are both wearing a condom, otherwise, I would highly recommend NOT doing this. The toy is made from TPE which is porous and will absorb body fluids, lube etc over time. It is fine to use and eventually dispose of – but I really wouldn’t recommend sharing this toy with someone unless you take precautions.

While cleaning, it can be split in two. The main bit can then again be split in two. I love this!! These style toys are full of all sorts of nook and crannies to mimic the inner workings of a vagina as a result, body fluids and lube can easily get trapped inside. This option gives the user 100% complete peace of mind their toy will get a thoroughly good clean.

The toy is provided with a drainage tube for cleaning however I would 100% recommend popping this in during use as lube actually started to dribble out over my OH’s hands while he was using it so it is worth popping a towel down to catch any overflow.

So how does the Vibrating Suction Cup Masturbator work out in use?

Surprisingly good bar a few little niggles!

It is worth mentioning this toy is loud – like kinda really loud and worthy of needing a free house or a loud power shower to drown the noise. It makes a lot of gurgling noises in use when the suction feature is on because the lubes bubbles away so most definitely remember to pop on that drainage tube.

If you wanted to try a Tenga, but weren’t sure on the price tag or even if that style of toy would work for you, then this one certainly can help with that decision. The vibrations are quite powerful, more powerful than either of us were expecting. The suction feature is quite good. You need to squeeze on the sides once you have popped yourself in and pressing on the printed lips button will start the sucking feature. There also is a deflate button too, just in case you suck too hard. It is worth reading the instructions to know which button works each function – though, to be honest, they are self-explanatory. Oh and always lash on the lube for a more pleasurable(less cock chaffing) experience. My OH swears by these – they feel the most like a woman (so I am told) 🙂

The voice feature isn’t something he is wowed over by – but just because it doesn’t float his boat, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it!

The TPE used to make this toy is far firmer than what you’ll find in Tenga toys and of course, the vibrations are louder. So really personally for me – I still prefer Tenga. I am, however, not the penis wielding person in the house and my OH thinks this toy is a pretty good place to start for vibrating penis toys.


If interested, you can purchase your own Vibrating Suction Cup Masturbator from BestVibe here


The Vibrating Suction Cup Masturbator was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself!

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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