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LittleSwitchBitch’s March Thoughts and Favourites #SoSS

by LSB

March. Well, March didn’t fly but equally, I don’t really don’t remember it. It will forever be known as the month where life as we knew completely changed. Covid19 has completely taken over now and it seems forever since my husband sat me down and told me we needed to prepare as the shit was going to hit the fan. And by god, am I ever thankful now that he did.

We started preparing for shut down at the back end of February. And no we are not those arseholes who bought every single thing they could see in sight. We are quite resourceful and have played to that. Buying whole chickens and butchering them rather than buying precut pieces etc. Freezing fresh veg after blanching them etc.

We haven’t been into an actual large supermarket in weeks, which has been incredibly hard. Members of my family are high risk and we have done everything we possibly can to try and avoid getting sick at all costs.

Today we ventured out for the second time. The first was Mothers’ day weekend… Everyone headed off to beaches and parks – we went to a remote area and saw or met no one. Avoid people means avoiding people – why people subjected themselves to potential infection is beyond my understanding. The fresh air was well needed – my head, brain, body, and skin feel so much better. Anyway, I could rattle on about Covid19 and all that but really we don’t need more reminding about it.

Anyway, over to better things, smut and images that have caught my eye over March.


And relax by Sub-Bee

The first thing I spotted here (quite observant I am 😀 ) was Bee’s legs. I mean why the hell don’t we see these more often. Holy Jesus, woman, you have some epic pins… I want more leg pics, pleaseeeee!

Undone by HappyComeLucky

Oh Honey, you sexy minx. I bet your play partner was literally honey in your hand after they saw you in this. MMmm, you look utterly delicious here.

Task 6: Flourish by MLSlavePuppet

Maria Louise looks simply beautiful all decored with flowers but it is her smile that wins me over. I can almost feel the proud satisfaction she felt after achieving this look. Stunning x


Don’t stop believin’ by Rebel’s Notes

if ever there was love that was meant to be it is Marie and Master T. In every post, Marie’s love for T shines through and it doesn’t matter lifes up and down, her positivity glides through. I always find her relationship posts inspirational x

Quality Testing by Knkstriped

Hot AF Erotica that you really need to read. Rosie knows exactly how I feel about this story so I am saying no more and telling you all click the link and read! You can thank me later 😉

Sex Machine Adventures – Girl on the Net

Ok, this has made me want a sex machine even more now! My OH is really keen to try one out and I must admit I was kinda scared, originally. I even refused the opportunity to review one a few years back. (yeah I know I regret that now). The lust of trying many fantasies though…. And of course, reading about GOTN’s adventures… I need one!


My writing from March:


5 Reasons Why Watching Porn is Good for Your Relationship

Back in time for Food4Thought



We-Vibe Chorus

Fantasy for her Pussy Pump Oral Sex Simulator

Lovehoney Rendezvous Black Studded Basque Set

Natural Wand’er Intense Massaging Wand

Guest Review: We-Vibe Vector

My images:

Feeling safe



One for….


just outta the shower and chilling naked, wring my ythoughts for march favourites

Just outta the shower and chilling naked, writing my thoughts for March favourites


Till next month




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