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Guest Review: We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager

by LSB

Time for another guest review here at LittleSwitchBitch and this time I have the pleasure of welcoming a very good friend of mine, Stevie. I absolutely adore their writing and was well chuffed when they agreed to put We-Vibe’s latest prostate toy, the Vector to the test.


Vector: having direction as well as magnitude.

I’m always interested as to how companies decide to name sex toys, but then I’m also interested in words generally, so maybe that’s just me. In deciding to name their latest prostate massager the We-Vibe Vector, what exactly are we-vibe trying to tell us? Thanks to LSB, I am able to find out.

I think in some respects there’s a lot of sense here since the unique thing about the Vector is that it is posable; you can alter the curve of the arms to fit your anatomy. Direction, if you will. As we well know, everyone is uniquely different from everyone else, so this is marvelous news.

Before I go on, I want to rewind. There was an ad campaign from a famous brand of men’s deodorant which said first impressions last. Now, this stuck with me for it has more than one interpretation, which I like, and I’m bringing it up now because my first impressions upon receiving this toy were less than positive.

I’m no environment warrior, but I swear that several trees have been sacrificed to ensure that this toy found it’s way from continental Europe to my home near London. It arrived in a large box, one that could easily have fitted 25 Vectors, within that box was some scrunched packing paper, which hid another box. Within this box was more scrunched packing paper, within which was a third box containing the vector. Poor trees, poor poor trees.

Hold on, maybe this is the magnitude of the We-Vibe Vector?

Onwards with the review.

The We-Vibe Vector is rechargeable, featuring magnetic contact points which also makes it waterproof. It also has a remote control. For self-use, this is invaluable – meaning no awkward reaching round to change the intensity or pattern of the vibe mid-use. Being in your butt as it is, it’s not the easiest to reach. The remote also makes for interesting partner play. Giving control of your butt to another is rather an exciting prospect.

The remote and the vector do however seem somewhat of a mismatch. The Vector is a lovely thing to behold, in the dusky blue colour that I have the nuanced curves give an aesthetically pleasing shape to both hold and see. It is also a lovely soft silicone material, meaning it is entirely body-safe, easily cleanable and generally very lovely. The remote control, however, is made of what I think might be ABS plastic, is a stark white colour and just seems to not quite match the Vector.

If you are partner playing with this, or even self-playing in public spaces, then the remote although small is kind of obvious in my opinion. I also cannot see how you would either recharge or replace the batteries in this remote, but then literally all it does is control the vibe – that won’t use a lot of power so perhaps it will never run out of battery. It is also controllable with the We-Connect App – whoop!!! This uses your (or a partner’s) phone and is as such a whole lot more discreet.

The remote seems to offer full functionality, 10 vibration patterns and a range of intensities. The App though offers the same functionality but what seems to be complete freedom of intensity rather than the set increments of a button on the remote. The toy connects to your phone via Bluetooth but then a partner can control it from their phone through an internet connection to your phone. It has a lot of potentially kinky possibilities.

The We-Vibe Vector offers some decent vibrations. However, I can’t go any further in my praise than the word decent. They are good, but I would really like a tiny bit more power. At the top end of the constant vibration, I just can’t quite get over the edge to an orgasm using the toy alone. Where I have more success is using the patterns. The stoppy-starty ones really work for me, I don’t need as much power when I’m using patterns, and although it takes longer than I might like the patterns do get me there eventually. In all honesty, I’ve had better, but this doesn’t mean it’s not the toy for you, we are after all, unique to each other.

The real ace up the We-Vibe Vector’s sleeve though is that app. It adds a whole other level of possibility to things.

Connection is simple; download app, hit ‘connect toy’ a (very) long press of the control button on the Vector. Most times it connects straight away, and I say most times as I do need to repair it every time, but I guess this is in case you have multiple we-vibe toys.
The app offers full functionality and almost instant response from the vector. The best though is yet to come…
The app works through an internet connection to your partner, so they can be anywhere in the world (with an internet connection) and be able to take part in your playtime. Doesn’t take an intelligence of any magnitude to see how that is really, really attractive. Just imagine being out with your mates – or your missus for that matter – and having your Vector controlled by your girlfriend. The kinky possibility here ends only with your imagination.

I feel like I should mention the reliability of connection, all I’m going to say is I’ve had no problems at all but my distance of use with my partner has been a matter of meters, not miles.

We-Vibe Vector then. Direction – you choose the shape, this is good – I like. Magnitude – too much packaging? But then this is an industry sample so I’m sure you’d get less from a retailer. So the Magnitude for me is the app, game changer. But I also hate it as I now want to spend all my money on other we-vibe toys. It does lack a little power for me, but it’s possible my prostate is battered from too much glass and steel attention.


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If interested you can purchase your own We-Vibe Vector at

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The We-Vibe Vector was sent to Stevie in exchange for an honest and impartial review. What Stevie honestly thinks, you read!  All images displayed of the Vector are taken by the author.

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