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LittleSwitchBitch’s February Favourites #SoSS

by LSB

Wow, it seems like February has come and gone in a flash and here I am writing a round-up post for all my February Favourites.

This month has been super busy on my blog. Actually no, scratch that, February has been a super busy month for anyone taking part in February Photo Fest. All 51 of you! It is rather epic to see how big the meme has gotten especially seen as my first year in 2017 there was a mere 22 of us.

I am not going to name out everyone that took part because honestly I just don’t have the time to but you can check out all the entries here.

I am however going to dedicate this #SoSS to images. Not all these are FebPhoto pics – just a mix of what caught my eye over the month 🙂

Medusa by Molly Moore

This image is here because it is utterly wonderful but also because it gives me memories. Memories that leave me sitting here like a Cheshire cat. Molly helped me to understand how use Lightroom and during our skype call, this image popped up on her screen and I instantly started fangirling how amazing it was because I simply adore all the colours, textures and how dark the image feels to me.

Anniversary by Julie from Master’s Pleasing Bitch

N’awwwhhhh <3 This gives me alllll the feels. What a super cute pic. I thought it was such a lovely way to start February Photo Fest. The image feels real, nothing forced about it and I can feel the love radiate off the screen.

Lotus by Marie from Rebel’s Notes

I absolutely adore this image. I still remember it popping up on my twitter feed and ooohhh and awwwhhhing at it! It is simply glorious <3 The edit on is incredible and I can’t imagine the time to took to get perfect.

Handle with care from Purple’s Gem

As I mentioned in my comment, I really think this image should be used on posters and advertising to promote kindness. There is such a real vulnerability to it <3

Valen-tie by Honey from HappyComeLucky

Wow – Just so much wow! That colour really pops against Honey’s skin enhances her OWN rope work beautifully. Yes, folks. This is a self-tie and I am in awe! Honey, you are goals. Still on my to-do list this year – you are inspo it is achievable to self-tie and for it to look pretty!

Red Door Triptych by Elliott

The king of elegant looking cock shots has completely nailed it with this triptych image. There is something greek godish about this – I dunno if it’s the vibrant background against Elliott’s skin but I really love these images.

A delicious bond by Mx Nillin

I feel I am sat beside them both, watching. That I could have taken this shot. I love how Nillin’s fingers have left dents in Emil’s leg. It oozes intent, want and passion. We took a similar image and this reminds me of that. A raw, intense moment captured beautifully!

Mirror by Kisungura of My Controlled Ascent

I don’t even have words to express how incredible this shot is. Kis’s images are always incredible, super creative. I always want to know what inspired each one. This image, I actually gasped when I saw this appear on my twitter feed. It is utterly magical. I simply adore it <3

Summer Hot ft. Haiku by Focused and Filthy

Holy God! This has classy, sexy AF Bond girl written all over it. Haiku completely rocks that outfit and F&F’s photogra[phy skills showcase her just beautifully!

Happy Birthday Blog by Exposing40

I love this image – it just really feel like you, E40. Nude, in the woods in trainers. It’s real and I think it was the perfect image to attach this post. <3

Hot Legs by Posy Churchgate

Holy god!!!!!! They go on forever. Posy, you have absolutely incredible legs – you can most definitely take this as hint for wanting more leg pics!!

Day 17 by Katteroo_ on Twitter

I must admit I have only recently started following Katteroo_. Their entire thread of pics over February is awesome, but this one really got me thinking. It is beautiful – I wonder was it a self-portrait or did someone get to photograph such a delicious image.

and sneaking in on day 29, is A work of Art by Annie from AnnieSavoy

I just had to go back and include this image. It really makes me go Uuunnnffff! Such a super sexy image. I adore Annie’s photography and I dunno if I either want to spank her or take her behind her but this image gives me all the feels.


My writing from February:

His Prize

I published the first-ever Real Life Erotica post ever, ever on my site this month on valentines day, no less, such the romantic huh? LOL. I love the image I posted of my OH and I in this too <3


Basically, you all know I’m a big wanker – so much so I have declared it to the world by calling myself a professional wanker and this February, I did A LOT of wanking. Like a lot. I had quite a few reviews to catch up from over Christmas.

Iroha Temari


Evolved Love Spun Dual Stim Vibe

Mindgasm Clitoral Stimulator

We-Vibe Melt


Am I hell linking all 29 images of this month – my February PhotoFest 2020 can be found here


I have completely broken my resolution of reading more. I haven’t managed to pick up a book all month. I am however keeping to my others. Well, not all of them. I tried to get out and take outdoor pics except every time I tried, it rained. maybe I am just not destined to get naked outdoors lol.


Till next month



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Annie savoy March 1, 2020 - 1:09 am

Thank you my dear! I agree that it’s been a really busy month. I think I’m going to take the next week and really go thru some of the incredible pictures posted this month by everyone who participated!


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