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Iroha Temari Review [Hana]

by LSB

Are you looking for your next discreet toy? Let me introduce the Iroha Temari. Not how I originally planned to tell you all about this toy I must admit but a recent experience has opened my eyes to how discreet the Iroha Temari really is.

It was sat on my computer desk the other day after I finished taking it out for a photo shoot, I had completely forgotten it was there. My youngest came into my room, picked it up, opened the lid, looked at it and continued on to tell how pretty my beauty blender was and it is cool it has its own case. I swiftly agreed and ask her to put it down. She then asked why it wasn’t spongy so I made up some story about it being silicone, like her older sister’s facemask brush and her face lit up telling me how cool it was. Safe to say it has been moved since but it really shows how sneaky this toy is!

The Iroha Temari has three different styles – I was sent Hana (red version) for review but you also get Mizu (blue colour) and Kaze (multi-coloured). All of them are identical in power, use etc – they only difference is patterns and colour.

Running Time: Approx. 90min (Full Strength)

Charging Time: Approx. 120min (5V1A)

Waterproof up to 50cm / 19.5″

Size: 56×56×68mm

Weight: 109g

it is charged via 2 magnetic points found near the bottom of the toy.


The Iroha Temari has 4 vibrations strengths and two patterns. The main idea behind its design was the comfort of use. Encasing it in ABS plastic to help stop the vibrations travelling into your hand.

Question is does the Iroha Temari achieve what it is designed to do?


Well its main purpose is the help me to achieve orgasms and it certainly does that. It is a powerful little thing. It reminds of Klittra of Sweden vibrator I reviewed a few years back but thankfully is actually nothing like it! The ball has completely free movement and can move in whichever direction you desire. The smooth silicone once lashed with water-based lube feels really nice against my skin and doesn’t drag. The main important feature did I feel vibrations in the toy’s base and the answer is, I do! However, not to the extremes it should given how powerful the Iroha Temari is. It produces deep, rumbly vibrations that do go buzzy at higher speeds. I didn’t need to go past the second level to achieve what I needed to get me to orgasm. The toy is easy to hold and is small enough not to interfere with partnered sex.

It is really easy to use without the need to watch what you doing as it is all controlled via a one-button interface found at the base of the toy. This does mean if you go press too many times, you could pass out the vibration setting or pattern you wanted but not really an issue for me as I prefer static vibrations.

Overall, I would recommend the Iroha Temari, especially as a first time buy vibe. It’s cute, non-intimating, easy to hide, easy to clean, made from body-safe material and it is rechargeable.


As always thank you to TENGA for sending me the Iroha Temari for my honest and impartial review  – this however in no way changes my opinions on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Iroha Temari are taken by myself!

No affiliate links have been used in the post.

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