Mindgasm Clitoral Stimulator Review

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With so many clitoral stimulators on the market, with various price tags sometimes it is hard to know whether the cheap version will do or should you dig deep and fork out for a more expensive version! Having tried more of the more expensive models – I thought it would interesting to see how cheaper version compared. That being said £59.95 (at the time of post), the Mindgasm Clitoral Stimulator isn’t that cheap – some Womanizer models retail for maybe £15 – £20 more.

My first experiences with Mindgasm Clitoral Stimulator started off badly – the toy arrived to me completely unsealed. I dislike this because there really is no way of knowing if it was tampered with or not. There was no shrink wrapping, security stickers etc. I quite literally nearly scrubbed off the silicone before use. So please companies, please hygienically seal your products! This Mindgasm Clitoral Stimulator is made by LuvKis, who I had never heard of before.

Included in the box is a storage bag (yippeee), charging cable, instructions and a service card? The toy is power up via the usual looking symbolled power button and you can flick through the 7 different modes using the lips button. There are various modes from static vibrations to pulsating ones. Sadly, they are all one strength as there is no option to increase or decrease the vibrations. It does take a while to power up and power down when you hold down the power button, maybe 5 seconds or so, which I guess doesn’t sound like a long time but it is when a toy is loud, it feels like forever. And sadly, this toy is loud. There is nothing discreet about it.

“With its luxurious mix of pleasure air technology and vibrations, it offers a uniquely satisfying oral like experience.” – I can’t agree with this statement to be honest, as it most definitely doesn’t feel like oral. Nor would I compare it to a Satifyer, Womanizer, or even the Lelo Sona Cruise. Last week, I published my thoughts of the We-Vibe Melt and it doesn’t feel like that either. All of these toys feel so much similarish ish as I can feel air against my clit. With the Mindgasm Clitoral Stimulator, however, I don’t.

So if you are wanting to purchase this toy thinking that’s what it will be like, another air pleasure toy – well it isn’t. However, that being said, it most definitely isn’t a toy to write off just yet. I came with this, quickly and to be honest, very unexpectedly. I wasn’t expecting to get warmed up not alone get over the finish line but I did.

It is quite an unusual sensation – think of the feeling of vibrations mixed with the pressure of air but without the air. I know, it sounds odd. Kinda like a high-pressured version of someone blowing raspberries on my clit. It nearly forces you to orgasm rather than waiting for you to catch up with it. Strange, but a good kind of strange. But most definitely a toy that wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea or coffee. If you find vibrations produced by wands/Tango etc too much, then this toy is most definitely not for you.

I was not expecting to like the Mindgasm Clitoral Stimulator, but I actually kinda do. Not a toy I’ll use regularly but one to keep close for a quick release. A toy that has pretty much forced me to orgasm, quickly, every time I have used it.


It is worth mentioning that the nozzle cannot be removed, unlike other suction toys. However, it is quite large and is easily cleaned with a cotton bud. It is 100% waterproof so that makes cleaning easier and it is made from silicone so please only use a water-based lube with it.

If interested, you can buy one here


The Mindgasm Clitoral Stimulator was sent to me from Peach and Passion in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself!

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