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Guest Post: 4 Hands-Free Vibrators That Rock

posted by LSB February 7, 2020 0 comments

Having to manually thrust a vibrator in & out until you reach satisfaction is well and good, but what about those days where a girl would much rather just lean back and let the toy do all the work for once? Luckily for us, hands-free vibrators do exist and they’re a lot more than just a silly gimmick to trick us into whipping out our credit cards. They’re in the form of wearable vibrators that are simply inserted then controlled through either a remote control or in recent times through an app on a Bluetooth enabled phone.

That’s not to say all hands-free vibrators got the memo that they can be absolutely mindblowing. 

Here’s just a few that I think absolutely fit the bill…

4 Hands-Free Vibrators Everyone Should Know About

#1. The Lovense Lush 2

Here’s perhaps the most powerful wearable vibrator I’ve ever laid hands on. It’s made from 100% body-safe silicone at just the right level of plushness and has a gentle silhouette that practically hones in on the G-spot like it’s nobody’s business. 

The long antenna also makes it able to receive a signal from up to 30 feet away, plus in my opinion I know that I’ll never have to worry about losing the toy inside of me thanks to said antenna. After experimenting with the different settings that come out of the box, I was also impressed with just how much customization was available when you use the app. Custom patterns with very specific levels of intensity were simple to make, use, and even share with others on the Lovense app.

When I first checked out some of the reviews written about the Lovense Lush 2 I was a little skeptical about it being as powerful as everyone says it is while still being somehow quiet and long lasting in the battery department. Color me surprised as just about every aspect of this toy was made near perfect, it’s easily memorable & hard to put back away once it’s all over.

Buy the Lush 2 in the UK here

Buy the Lush 2 in the EU here

#2. The OhMiBod Esca 2

This wearable vibrator will strongly remind you of the Lush 2 although in my opinion it has enough differences to stand on its own as a worthwhile wearable vibe. I’d likef to say that OhMiBod is a woman-owned sex toy company which in my books is fantastic.

4 Hands-Free Vibrators That RockAll of these corporations out there trying to make toys for people with genitals they don’t even have themselves, what’s the deal with that? While you can use the app with the Esca 2, you can also control it entirely through the button at the end of the antenna if integrating your phone into your sex life is something you’d rather not do. Not choosing to explore the mobile options through the app is a big mistake though, using the app the toy can be synced to any song on your phone on top of a handful of other great customization options.

Throw in the 3-4 hour battery life and gentle feel of the toy itself and you’ve got yourself a toy with a lot to love.

Buy the OhMiBod Esca here

#3. The Lelo Lyla 2

Here’s an option that doubles as a bullet vibrator instead of being solely a wearable one. Simply grasp the toy by the ABS plastic handle then use it as needed or insert the toy and let the remote do the talking. The bulbous nature of the toy means it has a lot of surface area with which to radiate out some stellar internal stimulation while also guaranteeing that the toy stays in place the entire time. The remote control is powered by removable batteries while the toy itself is USB rechargeable. Using the remote control the option to cycle through the eight different patterns that each have customizable intensity settings is super simple and the results can be felt immediately.

It’s one of the best wearable vibrators for people who like to just lay back and take themselves on a journey of push-and-pull sexual tension.

Buy the Lyla 2 here

#4. The Dame Eva II

All of the other options on this list focus pretty much entirely on internal stimulation, why can’t the clit get a little love too? The Dame Eva II is the wearable answer for anyone who wants to throw in some worthwhile clitoral fun into their nightly routine. It is secured in place by setting the two arms of the toy between the labia in such a way that the vibrating middle portion will rest squarely on top of the clitoris. The arms were designed in a pretty intelligent way that it can be worn within the inner or the outer labia as well as adjusted very easily to compliment different types of women. Far too many people underestimate the role of the clitoris when it comes to stellar orgasms, a large percentage of women can’t orgasm at all without some level of clit play.

4 Hands-Free Vibrators That Rock
So between the three settings on this toy & how squarely it rests on the vagina, there’s really no excuse to not end each session with the Eva II with at least one more orgasm under your belt.

Buy the Eva II here

Final Considerations

When buying any wearable vibrator you should always keep in mind how easily the toy will be to remove once everything is said and done. Some manufacturers put too much focus on the wearable aspect versus the removable aspect of the toy, so always make sure there’s a long string/antenna/tab of some kind for removing the toy once you’ve had your fun. Besides that, these toys are a great way to blow off some steam after a long hard day without having to give yourself arm cramps on top of it all. Hopefully, hands-free female sex toys keep developing, as the ones that are already out there are pretty mindblowing as is!

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I also reviewed the Esca 2 – you can check out my review here

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