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LittleSwitchBitch’s January Favourites #SoSS

posted by LSB January 31, 2020 2 Comments

I am not usually one to wish my life away but thank fuck January is over – it really felt like it went on forever. That being said January has been a super busy month, a productive month for me. I made several new years resolutions, all of which you can read about here, but one of the main ones was to write to more and I am very proud to say I did – in fact more writing than reviews appeared on my blog this month.

I am throwing myself into more memes and challenging myself – I have genuinely enjoyed it so this will most definitely continue on into the year.  This is also me dipping my toes back into Share our Shit Saturday too – a meme I took part in regularly when it originally started but sadly I couldn’t keep up with the weekly posts – a huge shoutout to those that do <3 So I am going to be including work from other bloggers in a round-up post as well as my own work monthly.

My favourites from January:


Knkstriped – Not what it looks Like: An image that not only oozes strength and power but a raw vulnerability too <3

MyControlledAscent: Upside Down: I want to reach in and feel all the textures from Kis’s smooth skin to the soft blanket. I also now need a lens ball lol.

Deviant Succubus – Pale Empress: This image draws me in and keeps me there – my eyes wander all over and each time I see something new! Dark and sexy – my fav combination!

Francesca Demont – Seeing the Dark Side: Fucccckkk – this image does everything for me! It’s got latex, legs. It is deliciously dark and twisted. Seriously deliciously hot!!


GirlOnTheNet – What anal sex feels like (probably in too much detail): I think if anyone was curious about anal, they should read this post. In fact, I am pretty certain there is lots more anal happening because of this post!

MastersPleasingBitch – Friendship: This is such a beautiful post. I actually read it just after the prompt finished and was sorry I didn’t write my own thoughts on it because I too would have wrote about my OH. Julie’s post is so heartwarming and it gave me all the feels reading it.

Molly’sDailyKiss: The Intimacy of Being – I fell myself nodding and agreeing will Molly throughout this entire post and her words got me thinking and actually in a way encouraged to write my own thoughts on intimacy afterwards.


Lascivity – Extracts from a user manual: I recently did a round-up for MasturbationMonday and included this post, however, it has stuck with me so I feel I need to include here too. I won’t even tell you why I have included it again – but I’ll say read it. It is simply brilliant.

Tabitha Rayne – What are you sorry for? Ok to be fair this wasn’t published in January but it was in my drafts for December that never got published so I’m allowed to sneak it in here all the same. Delicious, hot, sexy as fuck filth!! Just yum!

A special mention to Marie who runs Wicked Wednesday and Violet who runs Lingerie Is For Everyone on hitting milestone numbers this month! Your hard work is very much appreciated by us all <3


My writing from January:

Posts: (#KoTW; #WickedWednesday; #F4Thought; #TellMeAbout; #MasturbationMonday)

Swinging – Why people do it? Should you try it?

Remembrance – #SinfulSunday #KoTW #WickedWednesday

BDSM Diaries: My link between Intimacy and Pain #TellMeAbout #F4Thought

Marks – #SinfulSunday #KinkoftheWeek #MasturbationMonday

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 – #F4Thought2020


TENGA Air Squeeze Comparative Review

Hot Octopuss DiGiT Review

Zumio X Vs S Review

Lovehoney Lustre Purple Bra Set


Image-Based Memes: (Sinful Sunday/LingerieIsForEveryone)




Impossibly Pale

Love Drunk

Dressed in Lace


Holy shit! I guess the new years’ resolutions thing works for me – it will be interesting to see how much I get posted in February. Oh and now I mentioned February – please keep an eye on the FebPhotoFest’20 tag as it starts tomorrow. Each day I will be posting a new image!

Oh, and I have also already broken a resolution too – I wanted to read a book a month and I am only 64% (on the kindle btw, there’s no way I’m that pedantic LOL) through my first. It is quite a big book, to be honest, but still, that is no excuse. I am not giving up – fingers crossed I am back next month telling you I finished it as well as another! I am reading the Dark-Hunter series – Night Embrace (Talon’s story if you are familiar with them).


Till next month



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Francesca Demont February 1, 2020 at 3:43 am

You g F ave been amazingly active! These are great posts. Thanks for including me

LSB February 1, 2020 at 11:02 am

Yeah I thought so too – it was kicking my ass doing it weekly and I missed doing it so this way I get to still take part without it being so over whelming!



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