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Zumio Comparison Review – The X Vs The S

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From the aesthetically pleasing outer holographic packaging to the inner, sturdy cardboard box – Zumio has nailed it from a packaging point of view.  Pretty, shiny, classy looking, practical and not overly feminine. Rather awesome. I did, however, spot on the box that Zumio claims to work using “SpiroTip” – “which whirls around in tiny circles”. When I read that all I could think of was my Eroscillator and how I wasn’t wowed by that technology! Though, never one to be put off too easily, I still had to try out the Zumio – for science 😉

Before I explain the difference between the two models – I want to explain the Zumio overall – modes, use, charging etc.

I hadn’t really a clue what to expect when I opened the box – I had seen folks rave on about the Zumio Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator on Twitter but as previously mentioned I dislike dipping into too much info about items till I make my own opinions first. I couldn’t help but feel it looks like a glorified electric toothbrush when I retrieved it from the packaging. An electric toothbrush and someone had the idea of replacing the head with a piece that in my opinion, resembles a match stick.

The Zumio Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator is supplied with a storage bag, instructions, charger pod and USB cable. Charging the Zumio is very simple and really quite clever. You simply pop it into pod provided – light will blink while the toy charges and while remain static once finished. A full charge will provide 4 hours of playtime.

The controls of the toy are super easy to use. The (0) button powers on/off the toy in one click – no waiting around for power downs – huge thumbs up from me here. I really wish more toys had this. The power button is also used to turn on/off the travel lock. According to the Zumio website, holding down the power button for 5 seconds will achieve this. However, it definitely took me longer (like 20 seconds) to get the toy into lock mode – it vibrates in a pattern motion to show the lock has come on or been removed. It is needed in this toy because of how simple it is to power on. I wouldn’t travel with this toy without putting the lock on first.The toy has 8 continuous speeds and no patterns. I’m unsure if the creators of Zumio did this on purpose but the speed control buttons are actually in the shape of an ‘8’.

In use – The Zumio X

I find while holding the Zumio in my hand and powering up through the speeds, the lower speeds from 1 – 4 feel more intense and rumbly to me and higher speeds seem to get buzzier. I am also going on how the Zumio sounds too. It is reasonably quiet until you get past the fourth speed – though above this is nothing major. Quite easy to drown out under a duvet but this will never be an issue for me because for clitoral play, I can’t tolerate the toy over the fourth speed anyway.

*However* – it feels bloody fantastic on my nipples on higher speeds, the highest speed in fact. Like a thousand little teeth chomping away. It is glorious actually. I love nipple pain and I love my nips being bit and Zumio seriously feels that good on them. And it is for that exact reason I can’t tolerate on my clit on higher speeds – I like pain. But directly on my clit, it feels wayyy too much. But oddly enough I enjoy Zumio directly under my clitoral hood and tugging upwards.

Strange creature – ain’t I? But it feels so good. It feels like my entire clitoral region gets stimulated from doing this – the vibrations travel down my clitoral crura and my orgasm starts to build almost immediately. Using Zumio directly under my hood tugging upwards provides me with orgasms very quickly. However using Zumio directly on my clit as direct pinpoint stimulation, I find it overwhelming if I go above the first speed. Speed 1 can make me orgasm with pinpoint stim but I find using the stem of Zumio, I can go up to the fourth speed and get even more intense orgasms as the build-up takes longer.

In use – Zumio S

While these toys look identical bar the colour and the stem of the Zumio S being tipped with silicone, they feel very different to me in use! The X is more intense than the S and I would be more likely to recommend to S before the X. I can achieve orgasm with both, easily. However, with the S it just takes less effort and once I get there I can leave the tip on the S on my clit and enjoy the reverberations of my orgasms throughout my body and I have been able to multiple orgasms with it. Something I cannot do with the X because it is for too intense to leave against my body once I’ve gotten off.

I can flick up through the intensities but I don’t need to – the S gets me off easily at the first speed. In fact, it feels a lot more rumblier than the X. The X has a hint of buzz in comparison.

I also feel like the S provides me with wand power stimulation – yip, even in comparison to plug-in wands – the Zumio S knocks it out of the park – every. single. time!!!!

Zumio claims to create “60 second quickies” and in my opinion, it is quite a bold claim to make. However, for me – it is quite accurate!

I will say though while using the Zumio for genital play – use a blob of water-based lube with it – even though the tip is made from ABS plastic/ tipped in silicone, it can feel ever so slightly draggy in use due to how fast the toy moves.

Sometimes you want a quickie but other times you want to relish in pleasure before tipping over and I feel Zumio can provide those options. Because it is that powerful. It is more than just a clitoral toy too – it’s an awesome, versatile foreplay toy. I used it on my OH as a mix up while giving him head and he really enjoys it. It feels awesome all over the body! And because I have two, I get to enjoy it on both my nips at the same time. I *highly* recommend trying this <3


You can buy directly from Zumio here

You can buy the X version here from | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LoveHoney US |


Both Zumio models were sent to me directly in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Zumios are taken by myself!

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