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Godemiche Ambit – Vs – Uberrime Amo

by LSB

Comparative posts are the most popular posts on my blog and bring me the most traffic so it was a no brainer really to compare the Godemiche Ambit – Vs – Uberrime Amo.

It was never my intention to compare these, I have sought out toys to compare them before but the difference in the time frame receiving these is quite significant. I actually can’t remember which I got my mitts on first – I want to say the Ambit as I remember holding the Amo and thinking how similar it is to the Ambit! And really they are very alike, so I decided to compare the two and that way, you, my readers, could make an informed purchase should this shape catch your eye.

So in my pictures, the sparkly orange one is the Godemiche Ambit – part of their Lollipop range and it is called the Tangerine Tingle. The blacky-grey one is the Uberrime Amo and is called Luster Black Heart to Pearl White.

Godemiche Ambit

The shaft circumference – 4.1 inch/ 10.5cm widening to 4.9 inch/ 12.5cms at the base.
The shaft Length – 5.9 inch/ 15cm long approx (not including the base)
The head circumference – 4.9 inch/ 12.5cm (at the widest point)

The Godemiche Ambit I own is the medium version, its exact stats are above and direct from the Godemiche site. It also comes in small, large and any colour, or design you can think of – Adam loves a challenge 😉 It is made from 15A shore silicone and actually has quite a decent amount of squish as well as firmness. I tried to give the perfect description for the Ambit but the folks who created it nailed that description themselves, directly from the Godemiche website – “The shaft is perfectly smooth and the tapered almost arrow-shaped tip makes for easy and comfortable insertion. The head of the Ambit is not flat but curved slightly to be like the soft tip of your finger, but wider to give more pressure and sensation.” There are a vibrating and suction cup versions too.

Uberrime Amo

Head: Circumference 5.5”, Diameter 1.75”
Upper Shaft: Circumference 4.25”, Diameter 1.35”
Lower Shaft: Circumference 4.5”, Diameter 1.43”

The Uberrime Amo is available in one size only and its exact specs are above. I opted to be sent the black to white version but the Amo is also available with a red/blue to white mix too. I am pretty certain I have seen a greeny limited edition version floating about too. Marco is always messing with ideas so if you want a custom Amo – I am pretty certain he would accommodate you. According to the Uberrime website, the Amo is a shore 8 and it is a super squishy toy. “This toy’s heart-shaped head offers a large ridge plus rounded edges for comfort. Amo’s average size was sculpted with every human in mind. With a smooth shaft that gives way to a flared base, the Amo is harness comparable and anal-safe.”

With stats that are so alike and a squish quite similar – which toy do you think I prefer? The Godemiche Ambit or the Uberrime Amo?

To hold each you would honestly think there isn’t much difference between them but in use, there most definitely is. This is really going to boil down to how firm you like your toy.

I decided the easiest way to find my favourite was a blind test. That way I could make my mind up without knowing which is which. I enlisted the help of my husband and the first test I was blindfolded and held each hand out simultaneously, being told I wasn’t to squeeze or even cup my hands.  I knew instantly which was which. Not down to weight but how the silicone felt with it hit my skin.

Next was the blinded inserted test where my OH used each toy without me knowing which was which and again, I knew. He chose the Ambit first, which has a pronounced ridge, that I *really* felt in use. It really achieves that ping my g-spot adores. While the Amo has a wider head, the silicone used to make it is much softer than the Ambit so it really doesn’t give my g-spot what I need.

However, the Amo, because of how squishy it is can give me what the Vixen Mustang can….. Orgasms without the need for vibrations. I can bend the Amo so it can be slightly inserted and use the base to ping away at my clit. Sadly, I can’t achieve this from the Ambit.

The Ambit I got from Adam ( at Eroticon – which I highly recommend going to, that link is full to brim of posts about my experiences) is actually designed to house a bullet vibe. Godemiche has partnered with Rocks Off, though I opted to use my Tango and I can confirm this was an awesome idea. Simple but oh so bloody effective. The vibrations travel effortlessly through the shaft and turn an already awesome g-spotting dildo into a vibrating g-spot homing device. Utter perfection.

Which leaves me with a pre-dick-ament!!!!

Because really they aren’t so similar after all, shape maybe but the difference in silicone shore really changes everything for me.

If you want a firm toy, with a bit of squish and love firm G-spot stim – then I can highly recommend the Ambit. If you want a toy that is squishy and you don’t have a fussy g-spot, then Amo could be the toy for you. Both toys are made from body-safe silicone, are anal safe and harness compatible. I would personally recommend using just water-based lubes with both.

For me – I can’t actually pick a favourite and I started this post with the intention of picking one above the other but in use, they really feel very different to me.

The price of each is also quite different.

The Ambit ranges from £28.99 all the way to £70. This depends on vibrating/non-vibrating, suction cup, size and custom colours. Shipping is free over a £40 spend withing the UK and over £60 for nearly everywhere else. It costs between £5 – £10 pounds to ship to Ireland if you don’t hot the qualifying spend for free delivery.

The Ambit is available from Godemiche here directly

The Amo is €65.16 as a standard price and shipping to Ireland is €22.66 and is free with no minimum spend within the US. I am pretty certain you cannot get te Amo this side of the pond, yet, but I will update accordingly if that happens.

You can get your own Amo directly from Uberrime here


I received both the Ambit and Amo in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on these items. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Amo and Ambit are taken by myself!

 I am not affiliated with Uberrime nor is this a paid/sponsored post. Affiliate links for Godemiche have been included in this post

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