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Cottelli Collection Wetlook Suspender Set/ Lace Bra Set

by LSB

I was recently sent two sets from Orion – this Cottelli Collection Lace Bra Set and also the Cottelli Collection Wetlook Suspender Set and while I sit here and type I can’t help but feel one is naughty and the other nice. Both sets are so similar – with the exception of material, that I decided to review them together.

First up, we have the Cottelli Collection Wetlook Suspender Set. This set I was expecting to love straight away as I absolutely adore fetish wear and it didn’t fail to impress me! I love how customisable the fit is – I can loosen or tighten the set to get the perfect fit. I was sent 75b M for review and I am a size UK 10 with B/C boobs – more C than B these days!


I don’t personally like how loose the collar part is – I wish there was a way for this to fit better, however, I understand it still needs to fit a variety of sizes so really I am unsure how – maybe a buckle fastening system like on the front might work?

The cups can be a little loose too but in recent weeks, I have gained back more of my lost cleavage so it is really down to size as I feel like the set fits be better now than it originally did. I do find though with wetlook it really needs to be a tight-fitting and over time, this kind of fabric can lose its shape so I would advise keeping this in mind when you purchase it. That’s a lesson I learned a few years back and sadly the piece I bought cannot be gotten anymore so it recently ended up in lingerie heaven.

 I opted to handwash the Cottelli Collection Wetlook Suspender Set because I really don’t trust this material in the washing machine.

I will admit out of the two pieces I actually prefer the Cottelli Collection Lace Bra Set which really surprised me. I was really expecting to love the wetlook set more as it has an overall naughtier vibe to it – however, I really love the feel, look and overall fit of the lace set more.

I am really surprised how much support is in the bra piece of this set. As I mentioned above, my chest is more a C rather than a B – which means my breasts require more support and the lace set really gives that. They fill the cups and lace sits really nicely against my skin. It isn’t scratchy and it is super comfortable to wear. I was sent 75b M for review and I am a size UK 10.

The collar piece of this set fits better than the wetlook and I love how it fans across my neck and shoulders. The strapping on the bra is able to be tightened against my skin and provides even more support to the cups. Even the knickers are super comfortable to wear.

Overall, I just feel the lace set works for my body better. However, when I polled it on Twitter – folks loved the wet look set more so it really just shows you, what you think works, something else will float someone else’s boat more. This battle, however, was won by the nice set for me, which I guess gives me an excuse to behave….. for once lol.

I opted to wash the Cottelli Collection Lace set in the washing machine and it has survived many outings since 🙂


If you want to buy either of these sets, you can do so below at Orion.

Cottelli Collection Lace Set

Cottelli Collection Wetlook Suspender Set

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orion for sending me these Cottelli Collection Sets in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!

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