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Brand Highlight: I chat to Mark from Sheets of San Francisco

by LSB

I am ashamed to even type this but this post is months waiting for me to finally finish it… My life ended up hitting a huge fast forward button once got back from Eroticon and as a result, my poor aul blog got a hit and I went from putting out 3 and even sometimes 4 blogs a week to managing 2 at a push. I got a new job and it was very full on – my family life dynamics changed and blah blah blah – life basically!! Then once things had quietened, I got sick and needed surgery – but now I am very much back to myself and finally catching up on well overdue posts.

I am starting on the most important one – thanking the lovely Mark from Sheets of San Francisco, who very kindly sponsored my ticket for this year and without his help, I wouldn’t have been able to attend. I honestly will be forever grateful he made that happen for many reasons. The big one is I actually *had* to go! Many, many times I said I would and I was so nervous – I was thinking of all the different reasons I could give for not being able to go and once Mark confirmed his ticket was going to me it was kinda the kick in the ass I needed…. ” his ticket was going to me??” “Like a company believed in me, like ME, enough to give me a ticket”. It may sound so stupid but it has been one of the biggest confidence boosters for me.

Then, the crowning glory of it all was Mark, is actually the loveliest guy – genuinely!! I rabbitted the ears off him, well to be fair, we both did, my husband and I. During these chats, I suggested if I could interview Mark on here and give you guys a chance to get the know the guy behind the brand, Sheets of San Francisco.

Before I dip into those questions – I want to bring to your attention what Sheets of San Francisco are and why they are awesome. Back in May last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing their fun sheet, which you can all read about here.

“Sheets of Francisco are soft – the kind of the soft that glides against your skin and doesn’t stick. The kind of soft you want to roll around on. The kind of soft you wanna be naked on.”

They are a waterproof, machine washable, extremely soft and durable material designed to keep your best sheets clean while you get messy! These sheets can be customised with any image you could imagine – below on the left, for example, is an image I submitted for a SinfulSunday competition Molly held. We were required to create an image around ‘Fluid’ and our image won. The picture on the right is that sheet wrapped around me.

I did wonder how they would manage it but it looks incredible printed on the sheet and below is an image of Mark and myself at Eroticon 2019 beside it! I must admit I felt kinda surreal but really awesome at the same time!

Myself and Mark from Sheets of San Francisco at Eroticon on Sunday


I chat to Mark from Sheets of San Francisco


I know you as the face of the brand – is it just you or are there people hiding behind the scenes?

Well on the occasional bad day sometimes it feels like it’s just me but there are actually 4 of us who started the business and are still involved in varying capacities. There are two of us based here in the UK where we deal with all the management finance and design. Then there are the lucky two based in San Francisco, who deal with all the local manufacturing and logistics and drink Chardonnay in the California sunshine.

How did the idea for your business come about? How did you come up with the name of the company?

The idea for the business came when one of my colleagues was listening to a podcast that sparked and idea and we decided to run with it.  From the initial spark came a huge amount of hard work, identifying and sourcing the fabric with the qualities we needed and identifying our route to market.

The name came from a brainstorm between the 4 of us and involved numerous bottles of Californian wine ( I feel there is a theme developing here ). The four of us are of an age where we remember an American cop series Streets of San Francisco and in a moment of inspiration, the name was born.  Weirdly, there is also a spoof video of the same name.

Tell me about all the products you sell and what is your favourite product and why?

We sell sheets, we like sheets. We also sell pillowcases and have been known to make duvet covers and even loose covers for furniture.  As to our favourite product, it’s a toss-up between our throw or the specialist branded cover we make for the Sybian ride on sex-machine.  With the throw, we love it for its practicality and sheer versatility and the fact you can use it anywhere. The Sybian cover is a true partnership between two great brands Using our specialised knowledge of waterproof printed fabrics we produced a bespoke fabric printed with the Sybian logo and tailored it to fit over the machine when in use to protect it and make clean up easier.  Because of the way the fabric moves against the machine when in use it enhances the rider experience which is a real added bonus

Your sheets do well in the fetish/BDSM industry – was this an original marketing plan or accidental? If accidental, how?

We always intended to target that market sector and our early successes were in that area. Since then the product has proved extremely popular to a much wider audience for a host of reasons, and we just continue to make a high-quality product that supports and even sometimes empowers people to do their thing.

What the next plan for Sheets? Have you any new products in the pipeline?

Moving forward we want to develop our printed range and introduce more images and a wider variety.  We have some great ideas for some new images

What has been your most satisfying moment in business so far?

That is a tough one but I think it was in the very early days walking into Mr S Leather in San Francisco and seeing our products displayed on our bed in the middle of the store.  One of their customers was sitting on the bad waiting for a harness repair ( as you do ) and was enthusing about the look and feel of the product That was a proud moment. Mr S was our first retail partner and we still work closely with them

and for fun, if you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it and why?

I was going to say Tales of the Unexpected but that’s been done so I think it would have to be How? I remember at the start of the business sitting in a meeting at an Adult Film Studio and having an out of body moment and thinking How?  How did I end up here?

Wanna see more then head on over and check out Sheets of San Francisco here. 


One last final thank you to Sheets of San Francisco – <3  


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Molly October 23, 2019 - 7:07 pm

Brilliant interview and you are right, Mark is the loveliest guy ever


Joanne Summers February 18, 2020 - 9:39 pm

Fantastic post and a fantastic company. They are absolutely fabulous and like they picked the right person to sponsor.


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