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The Zalo Hero is my first taste of the Zalo toy range, which from what I can see is jam-packed full of lot pretties. I was instantly wowed over by the packaging of the Hero when I got my mitts on it. It has an Egyptian feel about it as well as oozing a luxurious, expensive vibe with an overall feel of Ooooh!!

The Zalo Hero is a clitoral massager and directly from the Zalo website claims to be “Specially designed to indulge and titillate the sensitive area of the clitoris, HERO uses ZALO’s proprietary PulseWave™ technology to achieve a swing width of up to 30 mm and a swing frequency of up to 75 times per second, evoking unique sensations designed to imitate a memorable oral sex session.”

Sounds rather impressive, doesn’t it? The Hero has two separately controlled motors – the shell-shaped button on the front powers the flicky bit and the circular button at the back that adds vibrations to it. Truth to be told I actually thought the Zalo Hero was Zalo’s version of a Womanizer or Satisfyer, a suction style toy but instead after reading a bit more about it on the Zalo website I found it works off the same principle as the Lovehoney Squeel, FunFactory Volta or even the Satisfyer Flower, toys that are designed to mimic oral sex. The Volta was a hit for me so fingers crossed the Hero would have a similar effect.

Before I tell you how we got on, I must absolutely comment on the aesthetic – a rich deep forest green which Zalo call ‘Jewel Green’ and I absolutely love this colour so much! Sex toy makers pay attention and listen up – we need more toys this colour! Of course if green isn’t your thing, it also comes in Twilight Purple and Wine Red. The Hero also has a gold band around the neck of the toy and that gold against the green oozes royalty and totally rocks a Cleopatra vibe for me. It looks like her crown and the Swarovski crystal in the middle the body of an Asp. Inside the box, you receive a satin storage pouch, a USB charger. One hour charge provides 2-3 hours of playtime according to the Zalo website.

In use, the Hero is easy to use. One button controls the flicks, the other controls vibrations, however, this interface means that you are unable to flick back if you happen to flick too far. A real pet hate of mine when it comes to toys, I must admit.

So how did I find the Zalo Hero?

For me personally, I found the Zalo Hero to feel very similar to the Zumio or the JimmyJane Focus in use – more a flicky, high powered sensation rather than a sensual oral sex feeling. So far in my sex toy journey, I have found all suction toys to work really well for me so I was hoping my original ideas of the toy were accurate but instead it delivers sensations similar to the high-frequency vibes the Zumio/ JimmyJane Focus produces and sadly it really doesn’t work for me. I can’t say I find the Hero to produce anything similar to oral sex, well not the kind of oral sex I enjoy anyway. The vibrations don’t add anything to the toy either really didn’t save it. However, I will say that flicky bit really can move  – the Zalo Hero is a seriously powerful toy and most definitely will be someone’s thing, it’s just not mine, sadly. I really did want it to work for me but when it comes to toys, I don’t want one that makes me fight to achieve orgasm and I did get there, eventually, but it really took a lot of work. Lower speeds are more rumbly and thuddy than the higher ones. It does, however, feel awesome on my nips even on higher speeds as it adds a bit of bite and it where the toy will be used so all is not lost.

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