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Hot Octopuss JETT

posted by LSB September 16, 2019 0 comments

Wayyyyy back in March this year we got the chance to try out the Hot Octopuss JETT at Eroticon. Well not exactly – my husband didn’t just lob him out and whip it on… no, I mean we both got a chance to hold a sample kit and flick through the settings and right then, we both knew we needed to get out mitts on one for review!

You may be familiar with the name Hot Octopuss already from hearing about their Pulse range, Queen Bee or even their cock rings. They are well known for being the first company to invent the Guybrator.

The Hot Octopuss JETT is a very simple bit of kit – which essentially looks like two wired bullets vibes and a cock ring, which are powered via regular batteries. I must admit it does kinda remind me those wired bullet/egg style vibes that were there many years ago when we first started dabbling in the world of sex toys. I guess it was back then – it would probably come with a toxic jelly cock ring instead of the beautiful smooth silicone, body-safe that accompanies it. I will admit to hating toys that use batteries as I have become so used to rechargeables – as a result, the JETT arrived and was unused for nearly 2 weeks as we both kept forgetting to buy batteries :/

Ok so as mentioned above, the Hot Octopuss JETT looks like a super-powered cock ring. Well, it is and it’s not. When you open the packaging and see the ring without the bullets inserted it actually looks tiny and it isn’t until the bullets are inserted you get to see how stretchy the silicone is. I told my husband he was probably better off inserting himself while the bullets were in place but of course, he knew better and inserted himself and then ‘tried’ to insert the bullets. What actually followed was a lot of noises that can only be described as an animal in pain/ possibly dying and a lot of laughing. So learn from his pain and insert yourself once the bullets are in place! Oh and you can use lube too if you want – water-based lube is recommended so it doesn’t damage the silicone.

The Hot Octopuss JETT is designed more the stimulate the frenulum rather than wearing it further down the shaft. The frenulum is the band of skin on the back of the penis that connects the head to the shaft. It is known for being one of the most sensitive parts. When in place correctly, the JETT hits the frenulum as well as the glands which is the most sensitive spot for my husband.

The bullets in the JETT work off the same treble and bass technology you find in speakers – you basically get to customise exactly how much of each you want/ need to feel by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons found on the unit! There are 10 patterns and 6 intensities! There is also a smaller dot-shaped button which controls static and patterns vibrations. This is the only flaw we found with the unit – there is only one button so that one button controls both bullets so sadly if you wanted steady vibes with say the treble bullet and patterns with the bass, it isn’t possible. The unit itself feels comfortable to hold and it is easy to navigate through while in use, without the need to actually look at it so it doesn’t interrupt playtime.

One massive discovery was made with the Hot Octopuss JETT is my husband actually enjoys the steady vibrations as well as the patterns which is first in this house.

Since we have owned toys, he is will always flick through to the patterns first but with the JETT he equally enjoys both. He especially enjoys the bass on lower speeds between 2-3 and the Jett also allowed him to understand why I am not a fan of buzzier vibes as the treble bullet is very much a buzzy vibe.

Speaking of me, I very much enjoy using the bass bullet myself. I can easily orgasm with it, even a quite low speeds. It is why I think personally the Hot Octopuss JETT could easily be marketed as a couples toy rather than just another guybrator in their range.  The JETT is quite a versatile toy – the bullets can be inserted into other strokers, used on their own, used while giving a handjob or just as part of the toy!

It doesn’t provide hands-free orgasms for my husband because he prefers being stroked too but it does get him from flaccid to hard so it is definitely a toy he enjoys…. we both do! I have gone for the bass bullet to get me off too! The batteries bug me I will admit but given its price, I can see why – the Hot Octopuss Jett is affordably priced and is an awesome, body-safe toy to boot and can be stored away till next time in the included storage bag.

Images below are the Hot Octopuss JETT being modelled on my Vixen Creations Mustang.

Thumbs up from us, Hot Octopuss! <3

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If interested you can purchase the Jett directly from Hot Octopuss here

The Hot Octopuss Jett was sent to me from Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Hot Octopuss Jett are taken by myself!

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