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Guest Review: Satisfyer Mr Rabbit

by LSB

Time to welcome BareFootSub, a new guest blogger here on the LittleSwitchBitch blog. I sent them over the Satisfyer Mr Rabbit in exchange for review – there is also a naughty bonus pic below, enjoy 😉


I’ve been looking for a replacement rabbit since my old faithful started to show signs of fatigue, so when I was given the choice of a selection of Satisfyer vibrators by Little Switch Bitch I jumped at the chance of the Satisfyer Mr Rabbit. Coming in a vibrant pink colour and with two motors to blow my mind, I was really excited to get my hands on this flexible, waterproof and body-safe toy.

My postman is fairly enthusiastic when delivering parcels, he will always try and post items, even though I have the smallest letterbox in the world! It didn’t fit though, so when I went to collect my package from the sorting office I wasn’t too surprised to find it a little the worse for wear on the outside. Inside though, aside from a crease in the main box, everything was as expected. The tastefully designed mint green box was a stark contrast to the hot pink toy within. The moulded plastic keeping Mr Rabbit safe and protected, instructions and USB charging cable tucked away at the bottom of the box.


Removing him from his casing I was very aware of the weight in my hand, balancing in the fattest part of the body as I rested it in my hand. Gripping the shaft I could feel the firm silicone give a little under my fingers as I squeezed before flexing the body and bending it in every direction. As a fan of squidgy toys, this pleased me. It is firm enough to hold its shape and to press firmly inside, but pliable enough to move and surprise with motions not entirely caused by me (I hoped) I was also enjoying the feel of it in my hands because of the quality of the material; the silicon being smooth and almost silky in my hands, but not squeaky like some toys can be.

Once I had charged the Satisfyer Mr Rabbit up, I trialled the vibrations, first in the grip of my hand when the vibrations travelled up the muscles in my tensed forearm. It seemed the “Super-strong deep vibration” promised by Satisfyer on the website was no exaggeration. Relaxing my arm I took hold of the looped base and ran my thumb over the controls. They were responsive to touch but not to the extent that you could accidentally switch the toy off or knock it onto a different pattern or intensity. Switching it off and back on again the mode remained the same rather than resetting to the base level. The intensity ranges from a low rumble through 6 stages to an intense and invigorating buzz. The patterns are almost standard, but not quite. I’m not generally a fan of these as I find the interruptions in sensation to be frustrating, but these offered something a little different. Not so much with the stopping and starting, more an ebb and flow of sensation. Some of these combinations caused me to feel a little nauseous, particularly the first one I arrived at. The ears dance along nicely in tune to the shaft vibrations, think less rumbly, more buzzy. My hands found this to be a nice combination and I was excited to test Mr Rabbit out properly.

The handle loop gave me a great way of extending my reach, a real treat as I have a long body and sometimes struggle to get the angle right with more traditional toy bases. Gently hooking 2 fingers into the handle I explored myself with the shaft I was delighted to discover that the rumbling vibrations maintained their intensity when fully inserted. The shaft slid in easily with an easy glide thanks to the body-safe silicone. Being narrow at the top and slightly thicker as you reach the join for the ears the shape lends itself to more a warm-up toy for me. I have discovered I am something of a size queen so felt the 4.5” insertable length and 5” diameter (at its widest point) fell slightly short of the mark for me, but for those that prefer something a little less imposing the strong vibrations can really be enjoyed. While I was thinking about the shaft it became clear that the ears were not quite hitting the spot either. They came up a

little too short for my anatomy and didn’t quite reach my sensitive clit unless I forced the shaft to bend hard (and uncomfortably) against the back wall of my pussy. This is a problem I encounter quite regularly with rabbits, and why I have gone through so many in my hunt for a replacement for old faithful. What I did learn about Satifyer’s Mr Rabbit is that the smooth silicon and flexibility of the toy make for a comfortable ride even when it is vibrating against the wrong spots, rather than causing pain from being too hard and pressing firmly and cruelly against them.

With this knowledge, I decided to take the waterproof Mr Rabbit into the shower with me. The satin silicon finish didn’t squeak even once while I was trying to make myself orgasm which is a huge positive for me. After a while, I needed to wash my hair and then get out, and this is where I found the ring handle to come in handy again. It nestles very comfortably between my thighs, meaning that I could shower, shampoo and soap with the wonderful vibrations easing my tensions internally. In fact, as I moved around the flexible shaft moved and bent with me, pressing in previously unpleasured places. During the time I have been testing Mr Rabbit I have found this to be the most enjoyable feature. I love to use it as a warm-up toy, no-nonsense vibrations to relax and moisten while I go about writing, showering, or folding laundry. Because the handle isn’t bulky or too rigid it is comfortable to keep using while doing other things… so long as I can keep my legs together.

Just as I was about to give up on an orgasm by the Satisfyer Mr Rabbit, a very good friend told me how she uses Violet (her much-loved Rabbit) as a clit stimulator. By removing the shaft and using the ears like a bullet I was able to slide off into orgasmic bliss. Clamping the shaft between my thighs meant that I had unexpected layers of vibration, and with the vibrations in level 6, and the ears firmly pressed against me I used the protruding loop to tug on in much the same way as I would a cock, sending me over the edge into a surprisingly powerful orgasm.

So, Mr Rabbit finally provided me with that elusive rabbit orgasm, in an unconventional way, but I had to work quite hard to get one and really had to think outside of the box.

Things I didn’t enjoy about the Satisfyer Mr Rabbit:

· Nausea from some of the vibration patterns.

· The toy is on the smaller side than I had expected. Both girth and length.

· For me, the orgasms were somewhat difficult to come by. Not impossible but definitely not a quickie toy.

· The ears were just a touch too short for my anatomy.

Things that I did enjoy about the Satisfyer Mr Rabbit:

· The material is just right, texture-wise. It is not smooth and squeaky; nor is it rough.

· The rabbit ears were soft enough to feel nice even though they didn’t hit the spot.

· The handle is not bulky but provides a fantastic anchor point for thigh grip.

· The shaft vibrations were strong and deep.

· The shaft and ears were nicely flexible.

In conclusion, I think that Mr Rabbit has a lot of positive features. While it didn’t quite match up with my anatomy I feel that, were my cunt to clit distance slightly shorter this would be the rabbit for me. Vibrations, flexibility and texture all wrap up into a very positive warm-up experience for this picky blogger.

Satisfyer Mr Rabbit in use

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I sent the Satisfyer Mr Rabbit to the lovely BareFootSub in exchange for an honest and impartial review. What BareFootSub honestly thinks, you read!  All images displayed of Satisfyer Mr Rabbit are taken by the BareFootSub.

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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