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Time for another guest review here on the LittleSwitchBitch blog. The very lovely Michelle is back and this time I sent them over the Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration Another fantastic, informative review <3 Thank you!


This wouldn’t be my first Satisfyer toy as I have tried a couple of their earliest models of suction-based toys, this was, however, my first Satisfyer toy to combine vibrations and suction all in one toy. The Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration has a different design than most other suction toys on the market in that (to me at least) it almost resembles a mini version of a vibrating male masturbator.

One of my first impressions on seeing it was that it could be quite suited to transmen or people who are genderqueer and afab. It appears to offer a decent amount of room to accommodate either naturally larger clits or transition-related clitoral growth. As someone with a larger clit from testosterone use, I’m always aiming for that larger opening on toys like this.

The Satisfyer Pro 3 feels more high end than the earlier models I’ve tried. This time the toy is coated in silicone which feels much more luxurious than the plastic handles on other options. The shape used for this model also felt more natural to hold. The buttons on the Satisfyer Pro 3 are subtle, so subtle that they were even hard to photograph for the review. They are still easy to find during use though and add to the sleek feel of the toy. The magnetic charging port is equally subtle and in terms of appearance this model really won me over. Like most silicone toys this can be a dust magnet and while this shows up on the black. I still prefer this over plastic.

I’ve always thought of these as ‘suction’ toys but checking the Satisfyer website they actually refer to it as ‘Air Pulse’ technology which is definitely a more accurate description of how it feels. There is an element of suction that draws blood flow to the clitoris and a rhythmic pulsation that then stimulates. Seeing as this also offers vibrations, the number of combinations offered from the Satisfyer Pro 3 is impressive.

The buttons take some getting used to and it’s interesting working through all the settings looking for that perfect level of vibration to air pulse. While I usually only stick to steady vibration setting on other toys; this was one of the very few toys were I found the patterned vibrations also worked for me. This offers 11 air pulse settings and 10 vibration settings so that’s 110 possible combinations.. in one toy.

I found that starting out with just the air pulse switched on made for a nice warm-up before then adding in vibration too. I know from experience that you have to be careful not to over-do it with high settings or prolonged sessions with suction or air pulse toys. They can leave you a little sensitive if overused and you often don’t realise just how sensitive you are until after you have finished playing. I suppose that speaks for how good air pulse toys feel .. the fact that I have to remind myself to use them in moderation! Some people apply a small amount of lube before play which helps.

With its impressive combination of vibration and air pulse, the Satisfyer Pro 3 was (unsurprisingly) quick to bring me to orgasm. Over several sessions with it I felt I was achieving a more intense orgasm than I typically get from traditional vibrators. With vibrators, I feel like sometimes orgasms are ruined as the vibrations can simultaneously stimulate and numb you.. whereas this didn’t numb and only increased sensitivity. For anyone struggling to reach orgasm with vibrators or anyone experiencing the numbing I sometimes get from them, I would highly recommend adding an air pulse toy to your collection.

Unlike other models of Satisfyer toys, the head of the Satisfyer Pro 3 isn’t removable or replaceable as it is built into the toy. I was worried about hygiene at first but I use a small soft-bristled toothbrush when cleaning it and so far cleaning has been easy that way. Given the intensity of orgasms, this gives me, I really don’t mind the hassle of keeping a toothbrush aside specifically for toy cleaning.

The Satisfyer Pro 3 is magnetically charged and comes with a USB charging cable. Its powerful motors hold a decent amount of charge especially when you consider its dual functions.

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I sent the Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration to the lovely Michelle in exchange for an honest and impartial review. What Michelle honestly thinks, you read!  All images displayed of Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration are taken by Michelle.

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