The BMS Swan Wand Review

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The Swan Wand has been on my review wishlist for quite some time. Compared to the Doxy and Magic Wand, (both of which are mains powered toys) the Swan Wand is apparently the next best thing except with even more advantages – it is 100% waterproof, completely coated in 100% body-safe seamfree silicone, and is double-ended with insertable ends.

The question is though do I think the Swan Wand lives up to all the hype?

Details: Waterproof, Travel-Ready, Phthalate-free
Dimensions: 23.4 cm x 5 cm (top) x 3.4 cm (middle) x 3.8 cm (bottom)
Finish: 100% Seamless Silicone
Run Time: Up to 8.5 Hours
Charge Time: 4 Hours
Battery: Rechargeable Ion
Pleasure Technology: 2 Separately Controlled Vibrations Powered by PowerBullet®

So to elaborate on those details above – you also get a satin storage bag and the wand comes in a magnetic closing box with a guarantee and instruction booklet. There is a circular point on the underside in the middle of the toy where you stick the pin-style charger into and it sinks into the silicone. The silicone pops back up and creates a waterproof seal again – these seals are 100% effective and your toy, as a result, can be used in the bath, shower, and cleaned without worry of damaging it.

The Swan Wand is completely coated in seamfree silicone – it is super soft, can be ever so slightly draggy in use if you use water-based lube. I found it to be less draggy with The Butters. To unlock the travel lock you push and hold both buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds. The wand will then vibrate to indicate it is unlocked and ready to use. You also do the same to activate the travel lock again.

Each side of the toy vibrates and is controlled independently. Each side also has 7 different functions which vary from3  the usual static low, medium and high vibrations to a mix of various patterns. The buttons need to be pressed at the same time to power off the toy and the power off is instant. This is where I found the first of my two dislikes with the toy. Once you power up a setting, you can’t power down or perhaps you flick onto a pattern – you can’t flick back… I really dislike this but it is the only thing I have found with regards to functioning issues with the toy.

The other thing I dislike is it only comes in one colour, pink – I really wish BMS factory offered it in more colours.

So how do I find the Swan Wand? Does it get me off?

Yes. Yes, it does. It was worth the wait. I am in love!!!

Ok – first things first, in comparison to my LELO smart wand – the Swan Wand wins hands down!!!! The power that is packed into this toy, it is bloody incredible. And, And it is super light!! Which to me translates to a wand that is super light, doesn’t need a mains lead to work and is also waterproof – meaning it is the perfect toy to accommodate folks with disabilities that would otherwise be restricted with regards weight of a mains-powered wand. The Swan Wand is packing enough power to be a competitor for a plug-in wand – in fact, the Swan Wand is a damn good alternative!

Then you have the option to insert it too which adds in another dimension. The Swan Wand, while I know others rave about it, isn’t a g-spotting toy for me. The slimmer end simply just doesn’t have enough of a lip to get me off but none the less does still feel good and does hit and transfer vibrations to my g-spot. I just really need that ping to get me there.

With regards, the wider side of the Swan Wand – it literally penetrates so well through my body.  For body massage, you can use it with both heads powered on and from my back to my thighs to my breasts (mainly nips) and vulva, there isn’t a layer of skin it doesn’t hit and it provides the most delicious, deep, rumbly vibrations that when placed where I need it. It simply breaks my body into submissions and gives me the most powerful orgasms.

I do find the smaller end to be slightly buzzier in comparison to the larger side but not an off-putting buzz. It is certainly more pinpointed, but for me, it is like having two toys in one!

Overall, the Swan Wand is a newfound joy. I think if someone was asking me to recommend a wand because of how versatile this toy is, how light it is, multiple options for use, and deep rumbly vibes – the Swan Wand would be my new recommendation!

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Glad you found a new favorite toy!


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