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Cottelli Collection Wetlook and Lace Body

by LSB

I really have been spoilt by the folks over at Orion and they give me some amazing stuff for review. I am LOVING the Cottelli Collection – you can check out other pieces here – I have had the chance to try out many pieces from various collections and I have yet to come across a poorly made outfit!

This time for review I have the Cottelli Collection Wetlook and Lace Body

The main reason I chose the Cottelli Collection Wetlook and Lace Body was simply that I own no other piece of lingerie like it. I have lots of bodies but none have the thong back and I love to experiment with looks and I’m known for my big ass, I thought why not try this piece and see!

I am loving the wet look and lace combo – there is something so sexy yet innocent and cute about the mix up of the two materials. But combining them on a piece where I am super exposed yet completely hidden seems to create a heady mix and I have enjoyed, no scratch that, WE have enjoyed this outfit.

It sits quite high up into my hips and quite tight enough so my OH was able to make out my body easily through the fabric but as this piece isn’t crotchless (which I love by the way) he couldn’t get to me easily and it created the perfect mind fuck! I love the trim of lace that sits on top of my hips too.

The Cottelli Collection Wetlook and Lace Body has adjustable body straps around the breast area as well as the shoulders so it is easy to customise to your size. The back also ties like a bra and has three different sizes. I received the medium for review, I am a UK size 10 and I think it runs just perfect. There is space if I gain weight but doesn’t look too big on me and it definitely could take more boob in those cups too if you are bigger than my large B/small C’s.

I was wondering if the thong piece, given it is wetlook would be uncomfortable or even scratchy between the cheek so f my ass and I am happy to report it isn’t! Honestly, you wouldn’t even notice, it is like wearing a cotton thong.

Of course, the high laced neckpiece is definitely the eye-catching bit of this set. There is something so innocent, delicate and feminine about the laced neck that really gives me all the subby feels while I wear this Cottelli Collection Wetlook and Lace Body. I definitely live up to my switch name in this because I feel like the boss in the wet look while the lace has my knees asking Sir how to please him.

The piece also has suspenders straps attached which I opted not to use. These are removable if you want and for me – I just preferred not to wear them. It is, of course, 100% down to personal preference.

I have recieved two more pieces from this range which I will link here when done but overall, I am so impressed. The quality, feel, the fit and overall look has me absolutely loving Cottelli Collection Lingerie <3

I opted to wash this piece in cold water… It literally only needs a quick dip. I always wash my wetlook/ fetish pieces in cold water as I feel like the hot water could damage them. Sizing and quality were not affected – no loose stitching or colour discolouration to report!

You can get yours here at Orion for €52.95 (Price is correct at time of post.)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orion for sending me the Cottelli Collection Body in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Cottelli Collection Body are taken by myself!

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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