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Guest Review: Uberrime Spiro

by LSB

I received a box of delicious dildo goodness from Uberrime and sadly, with work commitments, I just don’t have the time to get a review out quick enough so I sent out the Uberrime Spiro for guest review. I wanted it to go to a home that could and would it for both vaginal play and prostate play so please welcome back Princess Sparkle for another guest review here on the Little Switch Bitch blog!

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The Uberrime Spiro – 8/10

Peg Me Pretty!
Size: girthy! Not for beginners, but don’t be too daunted, the softness makes it a lot easier to handle.
Colour: bi-pride blue and pink blend. Bright and cheery!
Texture: Tacky and very flexible, but very smooth with no casting imperfections
Recommended for: experienced anal players, prostate play lovers.

This dildo is an absolute delight! From it’s bright and lively colour scheme to it’s delicious novel texture, and the shape… It’s an all round winner! Uberrime make the Spiro in four colour-ways, each two contrasting colours with a delicious blend at the half-way point. I have it in the pink and blue, which was a pretty neat Pride Month treat (Bi pride and all)! It’s nice to have something a bit quirky and different, and it makes it a pretty piece to leave on the bedside table. Sitting at 6.5 inches high, it’s not a small toy, but this includes a slightly suction-y base and a gentle curve formed by the weight of the bulbous head. Shape wise, the Spiro boasts a short stem below a ridged central bulb. Above this, there’s a head with a very prominent ridge, which I found great for g-spotting even though the texture is incredibly soft. However, this flexibility makes the size and formidable girth much less daunting, and very amusing to use as a stress toy! The texture does have one downside in that it’s quite tacky to the touch, and as such uses a lot of lube! Both vaginally and anally the Spiro dries out pretty rapidly, so make sure you’re topping up with a good water-based lube often.

I gave this a spin vaginally before I let the man loose with it, and I have to say, I enjoyed it. It took a lot of lube which I’m not used to and the girth prevented much thrusting, but I found a nice rocking motion could get the head rubbing against my g-spot juuuuuuust right! The best sweet spot was shallow thrusts, but this was hard to maintain because of the depth of the ridge under the head. I couldn’t feel the ridges on the bulb too much, but it was overall a pleasant sensation and I’d use it again. I didn’t brave this anally myself as I’m well out of practice, but I think I would give it a go, because of the soft squishiness!

My partner decided to try this out anally though, and he can report back that it is in fact, a delight! We opted to just hold this as the weight and flex makes it unwieldy in a harness. He never messes around with a warm up, so he went for it straight away and the softer texture removed any discomfort. He found it a challenge to take the full length due to the girth, but enjoyed the sensations so much he kept going back for more and more!

All in all, the Uberrime Spiro is a great prostate play toy, and the soft texture makes it an option for those less experienced or into less intense sensations. It’s bright, and fun, and a nice change from generic dildo options. It also has a very attractive price point, so I would recommend if you are curious, you’d give it a go!


PrincessSparkle xox

If interested, you can get an Uberrime Spiro here

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I sent the Uberrime Spiro to the lovely PrincessSparkle in exchange for an honest and impartial review. What PrincessSparkle honestly thinks, you read!  All images displayed of Uberrime Spiro are taken by PrincessSparkle.

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