Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration Vs Satisfyer Men Vibration

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Yet another Satifyer delivery has arrived for testing – you can read about their last batch of toys here –  I sent most of them out for guest reviews. Satisfyer is producing toys quicker than I can wank so I needed to get help from a bunch of awesome folks.

This time though, Satisfyer sent me some toys for my OH to test out and we decided a Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration Vs Satisfyer Men Vibration review would be best as they are very similar (or so we thought) bar the heating function.

So let’s have a look at the website descriptions of each first…


Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

  • waterproof (IPX7).
  • 70 vibration programs
  • with warming function
  • skin-friendly silicone
  • rechargeable including USB charging cable


“The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration is equipped with an innovative heating function that makes your pleasure breathtakingly realistic. Once activated, you can adjust the heating function up to 40 degrees Celsius and let yourself be driven crazy by the comforting warmth in the cuddly love tunnel.”

My OH found this version easy and comfortable to hold while being extremely light. In use, he compares the sound to the energy core of a space ship. He found the unit does heat up as he remarks the toy isn’t body shockingly cold like most other masturbators but at the same doesn’t find it to hit the 40 degrees it claims it can. In use, he found the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration creates a vacuum. I asked him to demonstrated this and was entertained with as he calls them “cock ups” – basically the vacuum created latches on so much that he can just let the toy sit there are work away while maintaining position. I cannot confirm this will be the case for all users of this toy but I witnessed his cock have a workout, in more ways than one 😉

Satisfyer Men Vibration

  • 2 super-strong Power Motors
  • waterproof (IPX7)
  • 14 vibration programs
  • skin-friendly silicone
  • rechargeable including USB charging cable


“The masculine design in elegant black makes the masturbator a discreet playmate for modern guys. Its ergonomic curves feel perfect in the hand, so you can comfortably operate the buttons with your thumb, while the lower bulge nestles in your palm and your fingers find good support in the side grooves.”

In use, he found the Satisfyer Men Vibration a lot louder than it’s sibling. However, it was easier to hold. The dipped sides certainly work better in comparison to the barrel shape of the heated version. My OH claims the vibe version is more directed towards head stim rather than the shaft as the canal is a lot shorter than the o9ther version – but both are shorted in comparison to more other masturbators he has tried. He found the vibrations form this unit travelled more into his hand rather than onto his head.


So overall – he thought originally he would prefer the vibe version as aesthetically it looked more appealing to him however after use he actually prefers the heated version. He doesn’t like the shiny plastic one, feels it makes the vibe really cheap looking. But overall doesn’t like it anyway – doesn’t get the bump inside it. Thinks it doesn’t work well and feels the motors have been placed wrong as the vibes travel into the plastic and not through the silicone.

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration Vs Satisfyer Men Vibration – the question is who wins ?

The heated version wins this battle – easier to hold, feels better in use. Enjoys the fact it isn’t cold but isn’t overly hot either. Really light to hold and enjoys how squishy it feels.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Satisfyer for sending me these toys in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Satisfyer Men toys are taken by myself.

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