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I have a love/hate relationship with glass hence why the glass category on my blog is quite bare despite me owning mountain worth of glass toys. See I love them because they are pretty, and shiny and did I mention pretty!!! Sadly, they are glass and glass is hard. Yes that’s correct you are reading a sex blogger complaining about something phallic shaped being hard – LOL –

Jokes aside, since having kids my pubic bone sits kinda weird internally and glass just ain’t cutting it for me anymore – some pieces that aren’t textured or overly girthy work just fine but because I am so hit and miss I just don’t sign myself up to review because I know they won’t work for me.

What won me over with the NS Novelties Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand??

Honestly – one, the colour as I don’t own any glass in black(but it looks like a deep jadey green), two – the shape (the curve) and three, how thin the shaft is! And boy, oh boy, am I glad I picked it!! I am not joking folks – this is the most used toy I own right now! It is my to-go-to. The shape of the NS Novelties Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand is like someone made it just for me – it zones in on my g-spot like a homing device – one that I could only compare the nJoy pure wand to, yes, honestly. And?!!!! My hand isn’t dead after using it – even after multiple plays together.

Glass is non-porous, body safe and can be used with any type of lube. Of course, it is worth noting, lube will make glass extremely slippy due to how smooth it is. Glass is extremely rigid and firm and has the ability to heated up or cooled down easily by popping into hot water or the fridge.

So some stats on the NS Novelties Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand from the Shevibe website:

  • Hand-blown
  • Premium Borosilicate glass
  • Can be heated/cooled
  • Length: 7″, Insertable Length: 6″, Width: 1.4″ at widest point

The NS Novelties Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand is super cheap – usually retails for $25 (currently at the time of this post is on sale for less than $23!). Would I recommend picking one up? Hell, yes!

The absolute beauty of the NS Novelties Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand is it can actually be used at either side because it is made of glass, all of it is body safe and each side of this toy can be inserted vaginally. I personally wouldn’t recommend using this toy anally as the curve isn’t defined enough and your ass might end up engulfing it.

I have used both sides of it and while both feel awesome in use, I seriously have just fallen in love with that curve and the bulbous tip. Oh man, honestly, it literally makes me gush and ooze everywhere… I am not a squirter so it doesn’t do that, no instead, I am a gusher and have had many a gushy, blissful orgasm as a result of this beautiful, shiny new piece of glass that I will forever be happy I signed up to test. It beats my pure wand – yes, it has and I am happy to stand on a hill for it!

I love the colour of my piece – I asked for black. Their ‘black’ or ‘charcoal’ as advertised on the SheVibe website, is, in fact, a deep, jadey green and I LOVE IT <3 It looks so pretty!

Honestly, worth getting a NS Novelties Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand – cheap as chips, body safe, pretty and provider of awesome leg shaking orgasms – definitely my new favourite <3

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