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Guest Review: Godemiche Apprentice and Plug-B

by LSB

Time to welcome a new guest reviewer, Princess Sparkle. on the LittleSwitchBitch blog. Keep your eyes peeled if you enjoy this review as there is another one on the way!

The very lovely Adam from Godemiche handed me over of sparkly goodness to review when I had the joy of meeting him and his lovely OH, Monika at Eroticon in March! (You can read all about my Eroticon experiences here). Sadly for me, my OH’s butt still says exit so these pretties got shipped back to the UK for a guest review – enjoy! 😉 The Apprentice and Plug B are actually part of the new Lollipop line over at Godemiche.

Godemiche Glitterbomb Review!

LSB was oh so kind and sent me some beautiful glittery goodness to perk me up in the midst of my university deadlines, so I’ve road tested and reviewed the Godemiche Apprentice and Plug-B for your convenience! This was a double-whammy too, as the Apprentice is designed for pegging, so I got to have some fun with my partner too!

The Apprentice – 8/10

Size: definitely beginner. Super slim-line, slight curve.

Colour: lilac and glittery! Soft on the eyes, very pretty!

Texture: Smooooooth. Two small imperfections from casting, not noticeable vaginally but can be felt anally. Doesn’t need a load of lube.

Recommended for: newbies to insertables, pegging players

So this was a toy we both got to enjoy! I tried it vaginally to see what was what, and I found I needed a little lube to get going but that the slick texture helped it slide in and out with ease and no friction against my skin. The rounded tip is just gentle enough to make any insertion comfortable, but not so pointy that it makes g-spotting uncomfortable, which is a plus! For me personally, this is definitely a warm-up toy, as the narrow girth isn’t quite enough, but the slim build does mean I can angle it precisely to hit my g-spot without causing uncomfortable stretching. I will note, this isn’t really a g-spotting dildo, but in a push, it will do the trick! I found the Apprentice to be a nice little warm-up, that looks pretty on the bedside table too.

I also got to try this out with my partner (male) to have a bit of pegging fun! I have such a strap on fetish so this really does it for me, and he’s starting to explore different pleasures too, so the small and unintimidating design of the Apprentice is perfect! It being narrow does mean its not super snug in most harnesses, unless you have adjustable or changeable O-rings, but it’s manageable. The slight angle of the shaft from base also gives you a helping hand in appearing ‘erect’ when wearing it! Just a small amount of water-based lubricant was needed for quite a long play session which is always nice, and he inserted it with no issues thanks to the gently rounded tip. All his feedback was positive bar being able to feel the small casting imperfection, so it’s a thumbs up from his end too!

B Plug Small – 4/10

Size: small is an understatement! I would honestly say too small even for a complete beginner.

Colour: Green glitter! Beautiful and fun, and steers away from ‘traditional’ toy colours.

Texture: Smoooooooth! Like the Apprentice, but with no imperfections.

Recommend for: Absolute anal beginners?

I like a bit of anal play as much as anyone, but stupid adult life pressures mean I haven’t had time to play much recently, so I agreed to give this a go thinking a beginner toy might be about my limit after so long. I was….. wrong. Whilst beautiful to look at, the B Plug was a bit of a disappointment because it was just too small for any practical use. Super easy to insert, I will grant you, but the flare wasn’t big enough to keep it in position and the slightest contraction of my muscles sent it making a break for it! This is way smaller than anything I ever had as a beginner, and that was a long time ago so I might be forgetting how scary it was, but, I think you’d definitely find money better spent on the larger version of this or another slightly bigger toy. To give Godemiche their credit, the shape and design of this plug is excellent, it’s just way too dinky for me. I’d happily give the large ago, and my experience with the small plug won’t deter me from ever shopping with them personally. The quality is also fantastic, the surface is totally smooth and the texture is firm but not hard and uncomfortable. None of the glitter flakes can be felt either which has always been my main concern with sparkly sex toys.

All in all, Godemiche produce excellent quality sex toys at relatively attractive prices, and the customisation and unusual colour options make them all the more alluring to me. I found these toys ideal for beginners but something I’d easily grow out of for myself, though I see the Apprentice getting put through its paces for quite some time to come with my partner receiving.

PrincessSparkle xox

If interested, you can get an Apprentice here or a Plug B here – or if neither of these takes your fancy, there are loads more goodies over at Godemiche.

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I sent the Godemiche Apprentice and Plug-B to the lovely PrincessSparkle in exchange for an honest and impartial review. What PrincessSparkle honestly thinks, you read!  All images displayed of Godemiche Apprentice and Plug-B are taken by PrincessSparkle.

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