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Rocks Off Fuzion Enigma Rabbit

posted by LSB June 18, 2019 0 comments

My past experiences with Rocks Off have been rather hit and miss, more miss than hit if I were to be totally honest about it – when I was approached for reviews I wasn’t really sure if I should accept them as to be honest, even though I do it kinda often, I absolutely hate to kill a toy in a review. That being said, I will and do, quite often. I don’t ever sugarcoat my reviews. Anyway, I stop jibbering on because I am making this review sound negative and it’s not.

Behold the Rocks Off Fuzion Enigma Rabbit – the first Rocks Off toy I really quite enjoy!

It all started with the actual packaging which in comparison to other Rocks Off is quite posh! A solid black cardboard box with a strong magnetic lid houses the toy and encased in foam you will find the Rocks Off Fuzion Enigma Rabbit, USB charging cable, instructions and a warranty.


Toy Stats from the Rocks Off Website:

• Sensory velvet touch body safe silicone
• Dual independent motors for blended pleasure
• 10 powerful vibration and pulsation levels
• Precision G spot flexible shaft
• Clitoral stimulation
• Ergonomic handle with easy controls
• Detachable charging station
• Fully waterproof when in locked position
• 3 secs turn on/off
• USB magnetic charge
• 3 hours charge time for up to 3 hours of pleasure.

The first thing I spot when I look at those stats is “Fully waterproof when in locked position”. What Rocks Off is referring to is the fact the Enigma Fuzion actually separates into two pieces. While this can be handy for storage, it is worth noting that unless you click your toy fully into position, it will no longer be waterproof so make sure you tighten it fully.

The Rocks Off Fuzion Enigma Rabbit has lots of different speeds and patterns and there is almost something for everyone. The shaft and “ears” are independently controlled so you can choose to use them with or without either or use both! But – this really bugs me and please Rocks Off, if I haven’t figured out this please let me know how to power one of the modes off in use.

The head of the Rocks Off Fuzion Enigma Rabbit is really bulbous and in use, I feel rather full. However, it isn’t a monster toy when you look at it. The rumbly vibrations really add to it and the shape of it really works as a g-spotting toy for me. I am not so keen on the clit vibes as they are a little buzzy for me however when both the shaft and ears are on together I can easily achieve a blended orgasm. My favourite way to use to this toy is to just have the shaft on and use my fingers on my clit. The ears are flexible enough to bend out of my way and I can easily rock myself into orgasmic bliss.

Overall, I am super impressed with the Rocks Off Fuzion Enigma Rabbit – if Rocks Off keep creating toys like this then they are definitely on a mission to create a brand to keep an eye out for! Powerful, well made, easy to use and more importantly, comfortable to use, rechargeable and body safe! It’s an awesome toy !


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Rocks Off for sending me the Fuzion Enigma Rabbit in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Fuzion Enigma Rabbit are taken by myself!


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