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Last week I published the very first of the Satisfyer Vibe reviews, which you can read here. This week I have another for you – the Satisfyer Vibes Master reviewed by Mrs BarginHunta, another new guest reviewer here on the LittleSwitchbitch blog!


Satisfyer has built quite the reputation in the sex toy world, with some impressive performers in the range. Here we had the opportunity to review one from their “Vibes” vibrator range and not just any toy, but the Satisfyer Vibes Master, renowned for its size, marketed as “XXL” (at least in comparison to the rest of the range). So how would it really measure up?


Never one to shy away from announcing their products Satisfyer present the Master in a cardboard box with a full image of the toy blazoned across the front:

A simple design, but it shows everything you want to know “at a glance” of the Satisfyer Vibes Master. It’s a large, pink-flesh vibrator, with USB charging, and if the background is anything to go by its sure to make you smile!
Just in case you are in any doubt about what is in the box, the rear of the box again has a full sized image, and even states “1:1” and gives the length as 23.5cm (9.3”).

Should you want more information than this (now that it has grabbed your attention!) the sides of the box go on to tell you the main features of the Satisfyer Vibes Master:
Whisper mode
XXL Size
High Quality, soft full silicone
Rechargeable Li-on battery
Super-strong deep vibrations
Waterproof (IPX7)
Magnetic USB Charging
Easy to clean
12 Programs
Silicone Flex Technology
Silicone / ABS construction
To be honest, even allowing for some slight repetitions there is quite a lot on offer here, and if it lives up to them all the Satisfyer Vibes Master should be quite the toy!


As with all Satisfyer toys, the Satisfyer Vibes Master is sealed in the box with a tamper evident seal.
Inside the box, you get the Satisfyer Vibes Master itself, a safety information leaflet, the USB charging cable and an instruction leaflet.

The instruction leaflet contains instructions of how to charge, how to clean, even how to use the Satisfyer Vibes Master (just in case you weren’t sure quite what its intended use was I guess!)

As per the instructions, and in common with all rechargeable toys, the first thing to do is charge it.
The Satisfyer Vibes Master indicates that it will take approximately 3.5 hours to achieve full charge.
Satisfyer do not provide a wall-charger for the Satisfyer Vibes Master, only a toy-compatible USB cable, so you’ll need to either source a charger, or else have a 23.5cm vibrator sat on your desk charging from your PC (I suggest you don’t do this at work!).
The charger connection to the Satisfyer Vibes Master is via a magnetic mount; the cable is simply offered up to the two metal studs, and it will snap itself into place (it will only attached one way around, so if you have issues getting it to connect try rotating it):

Initial Thoughts

The Satisfyer Vibes Master really is an impressive looking vibrator!
Ok Satisfyer perhaps cheat a little with the measurements, since they state the full length of the Master, but it is still 17cm (6.6”) insertable, and with a maximum diameter of 4.7cm (1.9”), (which doesn’t really vary that much!) it is still an impressive size.
It has a decent weight to hold, without being too heavy, and the shaft is firm, but flexible, which I think is important in a toy of this size; to rigid and it can be uncomfortable unless it happens to perfectly match your internals, which they never seem to do!

Pretty much the entire Satisfyer Vibes Master is made of the lovely smooth, slightly squashy silicone, right until it meets the control panel at the end. Here it nicely transitions to a white ABS plastic via a chrome coloured band.

Whilst we are at this end lets discuss the simple controls of the Satisfyer Vibes Master.
It has a power button to turn the vibrator on and off, and TWO control buttons. The larger one steps up through the speeds and patterns, and the smaller which steps back down.
I really can’t stress how great this is, and how much I wish other manufacturers would put more effort to have TWO buttons; if there’s one thing that really winds me up its having to go all the way through every setting, just to turn the speed down slightly!

No such issue with the Satisfyer Vibes Master though, you are free to step up (or down!) through 6 different speeds and 6 different patterns as you see fit!
I did notice that there is what looks to be a seam in the silicone along the length of the Satisfyer Vibes Master, but other than being a VERY minor visual line, you wouldn’t really notice it. It certainly can’t be felt, and there is no “unfinished” texture to it.

How It Feels

I was quite surprised as I found the silicone to be reasonably warm; it wasn’t body temperature by any means, but wasn’t cold, and I am really temperature sensitive, often having to warm toys in a bowl of water before use.

The slight curve of the Satisfyer Vibes Master works really nicely, meaning that it’s comfortable to insert and does tend to angle the controls and handle towards you slightly, making it easier to hold and operate.

I don’t usually get much from internal vibrators, but the deep rumbly vibrations from the Satisfyer Vibes Master’s twin motors really do spread through the entire shaft and can be felt along its length.

I have to say I am also an instant fan of the loop style handle on the Satisfyer Vibes Master. Different to other vibrators that you tend to need to ‘hold’, I found that with the loop-handle, I could very easily ‘thrust’ the vibrator with very little effort, having just a finger through the loop rather than having to “hold” the vibrator as such.


What can I say, the Satisfyer Vibes Master is 100% waterproof, made of body-safe silicone, and is largely smooth with no ridges, grooves, nooks or crannies – it is super simple to clean with some warm water and an antibacterial cleaner.


The Satisfyer Vibes Master is a wonderfully made larger than average vibrator with all the right functions and a novel handle that is a welcome change.
The vibrations are strong, and rumbly rather than buzzy, and it is rechargeable too, so better for the environment.
If you want a large vibrator, of body safe materials, you won’t go far wrong with this!
Overall rating 10 / 10

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I sent the Satisfyer Vibes Master to the lovely Mrs.BarginHunta in exchange for an honest and impartial review. What Mrs.BarginHunta  honestly thinks, you read!  All images displayed of Satisfyer Vibes Master are taken by Mrs.BarginHunta.

No affiliate links have been used in this post.



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