Guest Review: Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine

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I received a box of the new Satisfyer vibes so I sent most of them out for guest review – over the next few weeks you’ll see more pop up but first I welcome Michelle, a new guest reviewer on my blog! Enjoy the fantastic review below and keep your eyes peeled as they will be reviewing more bits for the LittleSwitchBitch blog soon!


I was delighted to start my spring with the (very appropriate) Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine vibrator. Obviously, the first thing that stood out to me about it was its a vibrant shade of yellow. When taking photographs of the toy I quickly noticed that its colour doesn’t show true on camera but in real life, I would describe it as daffodil yellow. It definitely stands out when laid next to the other toys in my collection. The sex toy market is often saturated with pink and purple options for toys so this makes a welcome change.

The silicone of the Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine feels smooth and velvety. It has a slight drag when you run your skin over it but it has a finish that works well with lube. Silicone toys can be dust magnets but the finish on this silicone doesn’t appear to be quite as dust-collecting as some.

The Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine has an average girth and in the hand, it has some flexibility to it. Its shaft features a series of raised ripples for g-spot stimulation and the tip of the toy is curved, again lending itself to g-spot stimulation.

The loop handle of the toy is big is enough to fit two fingers inside and the controls seem well placed (easy to reach but not easily pressed by accident) It has a sturdy feel and by squeezing it I could tell that the motor of the vibe is placed half-way down the shaft rather than in the tip of the toy.

As with many newer vibrators; the charger provided for this is a USB cord that magnetically attaches to the base of the toy. You can either charge it from a laptop or use a USB adapter plug to charge it from a wall socket. The controls of the toy flash while it is charging and once fully charged this light will stay on. The instruction leaflet provided relies on images or diagrams rather than words to describe its controls and

functions, but given how simple the controls are; this wasn’t an issue.

It has 3 buttons: a power button to switch the toy on and off and plus and minus buttons to go up or down in speed. It offers 12 different functions. 6 of these are steady or continuous modes and 6 are rhythmic or pulsating patterns.


Insertable Length: Just over 6 inches
Diameter: Up to 1.75″

In Use:

While the shaft of this does feel flexible in the hand; I did notice that in use it felt firmer than expected. Being a G-spot toy this worked to its advantage and helped provide pressure on the G-spot. The waves of ribbing along the shaft make for a pleasant amount of texture without being too harsh or intense. The little clitoral nub that is at the base of the shaft didn’t quite do much for me but I find these nubs are usually ineffective as they just don’t reach the spot for most women’s anatomy.

Having the motor placed in the middle of the shaft worked well for internal vibrations as it dispersed vibrations along the full length of the shaft. When using this externally as a clitoral vibrator; it made placing the toy a little difficult, slippery even, so I found myself reaching for this when I wanted internal play rather than clitoral play. The loop handle comes in handy for holding onto while thrusting and the placement of the buttons is perfect. I’m someone who only enjoys steady vibrations (rather than patterns) and the 6 steady speeds covered quite a wide range. While the first setting seemed a little buzzy, the higher settings have some rumble to them.

A 3.5 hour charge claims to provide you with 1 hour of play but obviously, anyone using the higher settings will find this runs out quicker. I would say this was the only problem I ran into while playing as a few play sessions ended rather suddenly for me. You could say that was poor planning on my part though!

One last thing that I loved about the Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine was how waterproof it is. I’m not one for using my toys in the bath or shower but I love toys with this type of magnetic charging port as it allows for really thorough cleaning of the toy without any worries about water getting inside the vibe.

Overall: More than anything it was the shape and texture of the Yummy Sunshine Vibe that impressed me. It has an average to slightly girthy shaft with a well-angled curve. It provided adequate pressure to the G-spot without being too intense its ribbed texture was stimulating but also not too harsh. It offers some rumbly vibrations on it’s higher settings and its ribbed design should suit those that like textured toys.

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I sent the Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine to the lovely Michelle in exchange for an honest and impartial review. What Michelle honestly thinks, you read!  All images displayed of Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine are taken by Michelle.

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