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Eroticon – The Sunday (Final thoughts)

by LSB

This post has taken a lot to appear in comparison to my other two – (Friday and Saturday) -Sorry – the last two weeks have been super full on and I haven’t had time to finish this but finally… it’s done!

Ahhhh thanks to a great nights sleep we were raring to go early on Sunday morning (even had time for selfies, see below) and arrived at day two of Eroticon on time. We popped into a local coffee shop near ArlingtonHouse on the way to refuel and were surprised to see so many familiar faces. Bee and her OH were there with Euclidean Point (who is so lovely) and many others were floating about to get their caffeine fix.

We had previously decided we would attend different things that day and meet in the middle for lunch.

Session One:

I decided I just had to attend “Nude photography and its role in personal power and self-esteem.” – by Exposing 40 (talk here) and my OH decided he was off to KinkCraft for round 2 except today, they were making secret coded bracelets. I must admit I was rather excited on Saturday when Pixie mentioned what they were making today but the talks won over my crafty needs. Exposing40’s talk was really interesting because truth be told I really went to this talk to learn what inspires her or more importantly who. Her talk involved showcasing some of her favourite photographers and their role throughout the years in promoting nudity and self-esteem through nude photography. I must admit while I enjoy photography and taking nudes, I wouldn’t be one to follow other people outside our blogging community. I have ideas I want to do and images I want create thanks to Exposing40 so I am excited to see how they turn out!

Session Two:

The next talk I attended was the “Anxious Writers Club” delivered by Cara Thereon, Girl on the Net and Kayla Lords. My OH continued to stay in the trusty hands of Pixie for this session too.

Ever since I started my blog – a lot of my work features mainly reviews and other bits I have been super anxious to publish. I have no idea why because it is my personal space to publish what I like but hitting the publish button can sometimes be terrifying and as a result, the draft folder gets bigger and nothing different appears. I really plan to change that this year after attending this talk. I found it so inspiring to sit and witness three folks who are huge role models of mine confess they too feel anxious and that it is normal to feel this way. Some of the main points that really stuck with were: 

The best way is to push through and publish Write ideas down and refer to them as inspiration to help get through writers’ block! – @KaylaLords

“You don’t have to have a plan, you don’t need to plot this shit… Just write” –  @girlonthenet

“Your voice is important” – @thereon_cara

“Use the memes for inspiration during writers’ block” – @thereon_cara

I left that talk feeling super inspired and have already started to change how I write because of it <3

The talk ended with me chatting away to GOTN about coping mechanisms in relation to various topics. I also popped my OH a message to ask him to grab some lunch for me while I was chatting to GOTN who surprisingly joined us for lunch.

Lunch/ Readings:

I joined my OH, he was chatting away to Exposing40 (and other folks I can’t rem, sorry). He surprised me and put the prettiest collar on the table (pictures below with the other bits we made yesterday too <3) … instead of making a secret coded bracelet, he had, in fact, made me a collar. And it is perfect. Not a knot out of place! I guess yesterday got too much for his OCD self so he had to conquer the paracord LOL.

When Girl on the Net joined us, we all ended up rambling on about the new possible laws of porn sites requiring credit card details before you get access… I am kinda glad I live over here as I actually wasn’t aware of this until it was mentioned. Fuck that – I don’t have time to give my details – I usually have a time frame allocated in my day for a quick wank. Food was lush and I made up for yesterday and munched on a few desserts!

After lunch, we all gathered to hear different folks read pieces they wrote out loud to us all. I can’t even begin to imagine how scary this must have been for them but it was awesome to attend and hear words you have previously read in the author’s voice – it really adds something completely different and as a result, I read pieces they have wrote in their voices now which is super cool!

I also finally got a pic with Mark from Sheets of San Francisco with a backdrop of the sheet which I won two years in a Sinful Sunday competition – you can check out the winning image here

Session Three:

It really was a toss-up between Myles Jackman and JetSet Jasmine and King Noire but in the end, especially after attending their talk yesterday we just had to attend JetSet Jasmine and King Noire’s talk on Fantasy Sex: Porn Vs Reality. 

For one these are a beautiful couple, they are equal in how attractive they are so it really makes paying attention to them super easy but hearing why they produce ethical porn and why was super interesting. I think the entire audience spent the time either nodding in agreeance or laughing! How many porn movies have you watched where you see lube, sweating, heads bumping off each other or just plain laughing and folk looking like they are actually enjoying it?? It is rare!

I mute porn when I watch it simply because I don’t need to be put off what I’m watching and with the fake oohs and ahhs I feel like they should be auditioning for the next movie and get their ass outta porn coz I wanna see real stuff and not someone on audition!

Plus squirting :0 :0 Folk pause filming to fill up and use the fluid to ‘squirt ‘ FrelF:0

I missed the last few minutes of this talk as I popped out the finally say hello to Silver Dom (who I am told was very excited to meet me 😛 so much so his chat rendered me speechless) 😛

Session Four:

Oh man –  did I learn so much in the How to look at your blog with a critical eye talk by Molly Moore and Michael Knight. Michael, you can be proud of me – tinyPNG has become my new best friend! I stupidly was not compressing images thinking my blog plugin Smush was capable of doing it :/ I have since changed my ways.

Another helpful topic was in relation to blogroll. I don’t actually have one as I presumed they were a way to add in folk in the same circle as you and well, they make me anxious as fuck. I hate them tbh. They trigger me something awful – I scroll and see I’m not there and wonder why folk don’t like what I do and this is the exact reason I don’t include one on my site as I hate to make others feel that way. Instead, I prefer to take part in #SOSS and shoutout about folks there! (which I really need to start doing again )

I also plan to log on and check my blog out on other devices just to make sure it looks how it should – something I have done previously but wouldn’t do it regularly and you really should do this because the version your browser shows you sometimes isn’t what it looks like to everyone else. For example the other day my blog was misbehaving and Molly popped me a message to tell me. I logged on and it looked normal until I checked it out in a different browser!

Session Five:

The last session was the from Girl on the Net – if only it were possible to bottle her energy and serve it. Wow Wow Wow – Girl on the Net is so passionate about sex, sex writing, making you money and helping you show the world your blog. Honestly, she is fucking incredible! I could easily sit there all day and drink up the knowledge she has. Her talk has since gone live on the Eroticon website (which you can find here).

Everyone should have some form of analytics on their blog so they can understand why they get traffic and once you have a basic understanding, you filter and nurture what brings you traffic. You need to then keep them on your site once they come, (that could be interpreted in more ways than one lol) by making your posts more engaging and by returning to older posts and spicing them up so they look more appealing. Please read her post above as she really goes into so much detail to help you kick ass!!

At the same time the queen of Insta, Hyacinth Jones spoke all about Insta and I was so sorry to miss this as I really wanted to hear about her journey on there. I find Insta such a finicky bugger. I’ve only just hit over 1000 followers on there which seemed to take foreverrrr – I’m not on there for followers, I do enjoy the engagement but it’s so hard to crack. I’m not including the MOUNTAINS of dick shots and’hi’ messages I receive either coz 1. I have a dick to use when I see fit and 2. ‘Hi’ isn’t gonna make me wanna reply to you!!

While chatting to Hy after the conference had ended, Marie from Rebel’s notes came up and asked if we were gonna come back to the hotel for drinks. Truth be told even though I had heard others mention it because we hadn’t been asked previously, I thought it best not to go so I was kinda thrown when I was asked lol. Delighted Marie asked us though.

Back at the hotel:

Our Eroticon journey ended exactly where we started except this time I was no longer sitting with folk I had just met for the first time… I was sat enjoying drinks with friends.

I rabbited on chatting to Mark from Sheets of San Francisco for ages (Email coming this week, Mark, promise x). When I turned around my OH was chatting Missy and her OH from Focused and Filthy and Girl on the Net joined us. The conversation soon turned to watching men adjust themselves into jeans (which GOTN promised she’d write about because it needs her filth to make it hot) and I declared my love for my OH’s legs for all who would listen LOL!

I grabbed a free seat near with Hy and listened to her tell me all about her London trip(which you can read about here), GOTN joined us and eventually, we all buggered onto a free couch where Molly sat beside me, Marie from Rebel’s notes popped over and I got a peek at her new pierced nips in person (which might I add are even more delicious in person – yes folks you should all be jealous lol). Michael and Cara joined us too and Eve Ray and lots of chats were had.

I can honestly say it was utterly fucking surreal.

To be sat there amongst some of the most amazing people in the sex blogging world – like genuinely I really cannot word to you how amazing that was. Is. Like it happened and even now, I’m still all kinds of wow.

Molly and I were chatting about all sorts and out of the blue Molly asked if she could kiss me… and we did. I pulled back before it turned to something else… Molly is the first person I have kissed other than my OH in over 12 years. So there was a lot going on there. Plus I guess nerves took over me too. I am a shit flirt and if someone compliments me well then just forgot it, I freeze… The someone should really say women because I’ve said this many times – women just make me flustered full stop.

Oh and apparently I wear body suits wrong too but yanno, that’s a hill I am happy to die on! 😛 😛

GOTN announced her departure so I popped over to say goodbye and hugs were exchanged. I went to join Marie and her OH who were chatting to the lovely Ian and babbled with them for a bit.

My OH announced his hunger so it was time for us to head for the tube – lots of hugs were exchanged. I got to say goodbyes to Kayla and John and Amy and of course, everyone mentioned above (if I have forgotten you, it really isn’t intentional – please reach out x).

When we got to the tube it was closed, so we got food and then a bus. I fancied a chocolate milkshake (that my OH stole half of) so we headed to McDonald’s where I am sure my face glowed when I spotted Molly’s tweet!


Eroticon was amazing – far more amazing than my words can ever portray… If you are a newbie who is scared shitless of taking the plunge, I promise you-you won’t find a nicer, more accepting bunch of folk… Take the plunge x

Read about the meet and greet on Friday here  and about day one here.

I 100% hope to be back next year <3


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Brigit Delaney April 15, 2019 - 1:39 pm

Surreal is exactly the word I would use for Eroticon, as well.

LSB April 15, 2019 - 6:25 pm

You were I think… You were flown blown conversation with Hy… I think. I maybe wrong though.

And yes, it was incredible to finally meet you and the Master T…!

Cara Thereon April 16, 2019 - 3:50 am

I’m so happy the session was helpful in some way. Even if it’s just knowing there are other anxious writers out there. It was lovely to meet you, truly.


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