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Rocks Off EveryGirl Rabbit Review

by LSB

Rabbits are finicky toys even though they are prob the most well-known sex toy to frequent many bedside drawers… I own quite a few and they really are hit or miss. There isn’t a middle ground when it comes to rabbits because they simply fit or they don’t!

Lately, I see companies being super smart and making the clitoral arm flexible meaning rabbits are now far more adaptable to more shapes and different sized bodies! Thankfully this Rocks Off EveryGirl Rabbit has followed suit and the clitoral arm is super flexible (which you can see in the images below).

I have tried a few Rocks Off toys and while I find the quality of them exceptional – however, I find the motors always seem to verge on buzzy for me. The EveryGirl rabbit is sadly following suit however, there is more rumble in this toy in comparison to other toys I’ve tried so I feel they may be stepping in the right direction.

The Rocks Off EveryGirl Rabbit is available in turquoise, burgundy and black – all stunning colours and not a pink or purple in sight! It’s awesome to see companies branching out to using different colours.

Your toy needs 3 hours charging time and this should provide 3 hours of use – I can’t confirm or deny this as I haven’t used it for this length of time, however, it has been used more than 10 times since it arrived and has needed charging in between every third or fourth use so it could be a case of the times being estimated on lower strength uses or the battery dying between use. It is charged via the supplied USB magnetic charger.

The shaft and the clitoral arm are able to be controlled separately which I LOVE <3 I wish more toys followed suit… I love the option of being able to control each separately as it gives me the option to slow my play time down and stop myself coming if I chose to! The arm and the shaft have 10 different settings meaning you have 20 different ways to play with your toy.

The Rocks Off EveryGirl also has a Sensory pulse synchronised colour change LED – which is a very fancy way of saying it changes colour and even though I enjoy tech stuff, I can’t help but wonder why a stronger motor wasn’t put in it clitoral arm instead of fancy lights I can’t even see or want to see while I jack off!

Sounds a bit harsh but I want a toy I know will get me off easily – more sex toys I own, the lazier of a wanker I become… I need power, reliability and an efficient toy that I don’t have to push myself to orgasm and sadly the Rocks Off EveryGirl isn’t it! I also don’t like the name of the toy as that clitoral arm makes the toy anal safe meaning anyone with a butt can use it so it can technically be a gender-neutral toy!


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Rocks Off for sending me the EveryGirl in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the EveryGirl are taken by myself!


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