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Lovense Osci Review

by LSB

Ever since I heard of Lovense I’ve been dying to get my mitts on a toy to try out – it was a tie between the Osci or the Lush and as the Lush is widely reviewed, I got the Osci! The shape seemed absolutely perfect for me so really regards of what I got, it seemed like a win-win!

The Lovense Osci claims to be the world’s first oscillating g-spot toy and a quick google informs me this toy was actually created by the help of an Indiegogo campaign. However, judging on the images there it looks like the original version had a protruding bit that claims ‘pinpoint g-spot stim’ and well, my version doesn’t. It has a concaved bit and it does work, kinda – I’ll explain further down.

Specs and how to use:

So the Lovense Osci is provided with a charging cable, an instruction book and that’s it – very basic. I really would be expecting at least a storage bag given that it retails for 179euro normally but is currently 99euro as I write this. It is well made, completely coated in extremely smooth and flawlessly seam free silicone bar a piece of shiny plastic that mimics metal at the back of the toy – again, not for me, but different strokes etc. The charging port is located by the base of the toy on the side and is charged via a pin style charger that you push into the toy through the silicone flap and this covers back over once the charger is removed meaning your Osci is 100% waterproof.

The Osci produces a static red light while it is charging and a flashing red light while in use. The amount of battery life available is visible when connected to the app and the toy is capable of  2 to 2 and half hours of continuous use and while I haven’t tested it to that extremes, I haven’t had to charge it between use and only have needed to charge it once since it arrived so the battery life is pretty damn good in it. I am sure however if you were to use the toy on full whack constantly those times would be reduced.


The Lovense Osci is nearly 8 inches in complete length – but nearly only nearly 3 of those inches is insertable because of how strong the curve is!. It is super light to hold and so easy to use, regardless of which method you opt for – the app remote or buttons.

There is only one button which operates like a light switch – you hold it down for a few seconds to power on the Osci and it will send out a small vibration to let you know it has been powered on. Straight away you will see the red light starts to flash. Personally, I don’t like this feature especially using the toy in the dark as it’s like a beacon for ships but each to their own I guess. You hold down the same button for a few seconds to power it off and the light disappearing will indicate it is off.

The Lovense App:

Here is where I have an issue – I will not (as you may remember from this post) allow sex toy apps to have access to my phone storage! I don’t see why this is necessary – I have tried to locate a burner phone to test it out for research purposes but I do understand that option isn’t there for everyone(and sadly not me, as it wouldn’t charge). Why a toy needs so much access is beyond me – like I get the need for location, Bluetooth and even in this case signing up via email as it makes it all more secure – especially given the Lovense range is used a lot by cam models. I also understand the need for an account to access their chat feature etc but my photos?? Contacts?? Nope – I won’t allow that, sorry!

I guess this stems from my need to stay anonymous but I can’t give anything to chance and as a result, I haven’t been able to access the features I *really* wanted to try… Mainly jacking off to music –  as apparently, the Lovense Osci has the ability to vibrate along to my favourite song 🙁

However, all is not lost because I can access the app via offline mode and here we got to test out the remote. The remote is super responsive – like the quickest app remote I have ever tried. There is no lag whatsoever. This makes it easier for my OH to control the toy when I am using it and it’s fun. He can change speeds and patterns quickly and efficiently.

So overall how did I find the Lovense Osci?

This is a hard question for me to answer but simply there is no simple straight forward answer. Firstly it did not supply me with squirting orgasms 🙁 so I’m still chasing to recreate that. Secondly and the biggest point really is the Lovense Osci won’t work for me if I am not already worked up – I really need to be close to orgasm and I also need help of a cit stim toy to get me there too. In short, it seems to be kinda pointless to use as a toy for g-spot stim alone. And this saddens me greatly as I really thought it had the perfect potential to blow my socks off.

All that being said – when I am worked up and I use it – it supplies some pretty powerful orgasms. The pulsation from the Osci works my aroused g-spot well and I enjoy it on the second speed rather than the fastest. I find the fastest speed goes too fast and I lose the thuddy sensation I really enjoy. I find the buttons of the Osci super easy to navigate through in use and I don’t need to look at them or stop play for them to work…

Lovense have gotten back to my email regarding app permissions and provided links to their privacy policy and terms and conditions if you wish to have a look. As I suspected all this info is required especailly if you want to use the long distance feature/ photo sharing etc.


If interested, you can purchase an Osci here or browse through all the other Lovense toys here.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Lovense for sending me the Osci in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Osci are taken by myself!

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