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Eroticon 2019 – The Saturday

by LSB

We woke on Saturday feeling quite tender – I hadn’t slept well worrying the alarm wouldn’t go off. My OH, however, wasn’t from lack of sleep because he collapsed in a naked starfish position the minute we got in (I gotta applaud the fact he actually undressed himself, normally I get that job), no – he was tender because the whiskeys went down too easily!

We showered, eventually made ourselves look presentable and food and coffee became the next priorities but we were kinda late so we ended up grabbing a coffee and sharing a sandwich while swiftly walking to the tube instead!

Of course, we arrived late when the keynote talk had already started – Molly was explaining all about the event, what to expect, fire safety etc and finished by reading out lovely bits of advice given from the attendees of the Meet and Greet and off we were to our first session.

Session One:

We had previously decided to start with some Kink Craft to break ourselves in gently and joined Pixie and Andrew in the workshop room. There was an option to make a flogger or cuffs and we opted for cuffs. Familiar faces started to flood around the table and soon, Floss and her OH, Ben were across the way from me and BibulousOne was beside me. My OH suggested I make his and he makes mine – little did I realise after we measured up, I got the raw deal! My wrists are tiny in comparison to his huge ones so mine was or should have taken longer than his. However, my OH just couldn’t get his head around the knots – word of warning folks, whiskey really doesn’t help !! So I ended up completing mine and we worked on his together. Keep in mind, he really is a serious perfectionist and kept giving out how tight it needed be. Turns out BibulousOne is too – so I had one either side of me muttering away about perfection. Many laughs were had though, I must admit! However this ran into two sessions and as a result, we completely missed the coffee break and session 2. A huge thank you to Pixie for having made us feel so welcome and having oodles of patience.

Turns out those cuffs I made weren’t really for him – they were for me……. but as a collar. He attached the cuffs he made onto the piece I made and turned it into the simplest but such clever restraint system ever – I have more on this but shall reveal in the Sunday post!

Session Two:

We managed to grab a super quick mouthful of coffee and ran to Kayla Lords’ talk – “How to Reach Your Goals When You Have No Time To Work On Them” (post here if you want a read)…. Wow oh wow! Words cannot express how passionate this woman is. I left Kayla’s talk pumped full of plans and ideas – her enthusiasm is addictive and contagious. She wants everyone to get the best of their time and she really doesn’t recommend getting your ass outta bed at half 4 in the morning to do it either – no Kayla recommends you chart your activities down and get a realization of how you spend your time but at the same seeing how

you waste it too. And of course, nothing forgetting – the kink of crossing jobs of the to-do list… Man, that is some serious, hot stuff right there!! The only downfall to this talk was my OH attended it – I am now getting – “you’re procrastinating – did you not listen to Kayla? Put down your phone, manage your time better” – I guess I don’t need to hire out John Brownstone just yet!! 😉


Next was lunch and honestly I wasn’t expecting much for lunch – I had previously suggested to my OH we go out somewhere thinking that food that’s included must be crap – WRONG – the place was full of lush food and all the yummy desserts you could see… I, however, was kidnapped by Molly and ended up missing out on my dessert (I made up for that on Sunday btw lol). Molly introduced me to Adam, one of the brains behind the colourful duo that is Godemiche. I am not even joking if I could bottle the energy Adam has – I would be loaded. He literally is a ball of energy and many giggles were had and I managed to get my mitts on a super pretty, glittery Ambit *dies*.

Session Three:

Being parents of teenagers, we knew the talk Jetset Jasmine and King Noire had set out was next on our list! Their talk – “Porn & Parents: Sex-Positive Parenting”, started off with two of their children in the room, which I thought was incredible. Jasmine spoke about the importance of being sex positive with your children from a young age, while at the same time just started to breastfeed her child. I mentioned this to my OH afterwards and he didn’t notice – it just flowed so naturally and while it wasn’t actually part of the talk to witness that, I think seeing how comfortable their children are means what these folk actually talk about works. Their older child actually contributed to the talk to, with complete ease. Jasmine and King spoke about the need to educate our children correctly. Don’t baby talk to them; refer to genitalia using the correct words and use this a way to safeguard them as they get older. These folks are parenting goals and after listening to this talk, I knew I wanted to hear them speak again on Sunday.

Session Four:

“Memes as a Way to Join and Build the Sex Blogging Community” was held by Kayla Lords, Marie Rebelle, Molly Moore and Hyacinth Jones. These ladies are the meme queens and are blogging goals! All are equally passionate at what they do and all strive for the same goal – community!! I knew a lot of what was mentioned during this talk as I’m not new to the blogging scene and I am a regular of SinfulSunday (posts here), I often contribute to Kink of the Week (posts here) and I’ve started taking part in Boobday too (posts here) however, I am not one to participate much in MasturabationMonday or WickedWednesday. I left the talk with encouragement to change that and I have already – I participated in (my first?) Wicked Wednesday last week (post here) and I shall be back. My images have been used as Masturbation Monday prompt more than once and I plan to contribute on there too. (But just don’t ever expect erotica from me coz I am pretty certain y’all would become celibate after reading it lol).

I like to use a prompt and some are released in advance which I love because it gives me a chance to plan my posts.

Next was a quick mingle with no coffee – though I actually did manage to squeeze some outta the pot! I had originally planned to head to the pub at this point to watch the rugby but I checked in and saw Wales was kicking Ireland’s ass – I sadly decided there wasn’t much point and attended KinkLab instead!


This was awesome to snoop at! Molly and Michael had a display of lots of impact stuff including some beautiful commissioned handmade pieces and even some regular day to day items. Cara stripped off and got suspended (which you can see here) and it was rather awesome to watch it happen. It has increased my wants for suspension even more so. ElectraStim had a massive demo of all their products and this got loads of attention. We didn’t venture over to it though as there never seemed to be a space free and we own some of their stuff already so left it to folk who hadn’t tried it before. I am kinda sorry now though as I have heard awesome things regarding their new Axis. Last but not least, we went off for a snoop to the Vac Playroom where lots of folks were either being mummified, vacced, blown up or put in an air-filled square. I don’t plan on elaborating on those because I’m a tease and they all sound so awesome that you’ll just have to come near year to see what I mean! 😀

All attendees have the option of attending the Saturday Social however we opted not to. After getting our fill of booze on Friday night and Saturday day time being so full on, we decided to go exploring around Kings Cross instead after my OH decided using the honey we got in swag bags from Sub-Bee, to decorate me with (you can see pics of that here and here).

We ended up going for food and headed back to the hotel with lots of chocolate and some non-alcoholic ginger beer. On the way back to the hotel, we ended up getting caught in really heavy rain so I called dibs on the shower and happily stripped off the minute we got in. We panned out in a ball of nakedness, chatting about the day and the excitement of tomorrow.

Read all about our Friday experience here

Foood - Image shows a kebab, chips, salad and chicken wings.

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Cara Thereon March 27, 2019 - 9:05 am

Reading this reminds me how action packed the weekend was. Wow! I like that the honey played a nice role in it all. Hehe


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