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Tenga Vacuum Controller Review (and TENGA Hole Warmer)

by LSB

Did you read my Suck-O-Mat review? A sex machine that claims to give handsfree blowjobs. If you did you will already know how gutted I was because it doesn’t live up to what it claims. However, enter the Tenga Vacuum Controller – a toy which doesn’t sport those claims, a toy which is in fact battery powered and not mains powered and yet has those capabilities. Yes, folks, my dreams of watching my OH get sucked off by a toy came true! And yes, it was hot AF watching him.

The Tenga Vacuum Controller is basically an attachment that sits on top of a Tenga cup…. Some are capable, some are not! However, if it is, it will have a little circular sticker on the top telling you should remove it before you pop the vacuum on top of it! It is powered by 4 AAA batteries and you slide open the lip and remove the battery compartment to insert them. All is labelled on the toy so it is super easy to do! I will admit not being a fan of battery powered toys but I genuinely have to say, you would have NO IDEA – like the power this toy has is incredible!

There are two separate attachments – one is for regular sized cups and the other for XL versions. Down the side of the attachment, which reminds me of a clip attached to a pen is the button you press to power it on (circle shaped) and slightly further down the button you press to release suction (kinda like a half a circle shaped). These buttons are extremely responsive and there is no wait time between them doing what they should!

Please remember that second button because if you are like my OH and don’t think you need to read instructions, there is a high chance you will get the skin of your balls sucked up and spend a good five minutes trying to unstick them, which I found entertaining. *insert evil emoji here*

We were also given the TENGA hole warmer for review with this – which I highly recommend you purchase!!! It basically works like those hands warmer you can buy, you snap it and it heats up and to reuse you pop it in warm water. It is bloody awesome… My OH was always giving out about dipping his wick into cold toys so the heater has been a godsend… It is quite long too and the heat travels through the toy helping it feel nice and toasty and closer to body temp.  He absolutely loves it and it really has been an asset to our playtime! We highly recommend picking one up – they are only cheap! You can buy one here.

The Tenga cups are pre-lubed so you pretty much can drive straight in but is worth mentioning this toy is slightly noisy! However, this DID NOT bother my fussy OH in the slightest!!


In use, you can just power the Tenga Vacuum Controller on and watch ( well I watched, of course, I watched!!! ) yourself be sucked in! Oh man, this is hot AF! I literally sat there in awe watched as he stroked himself with it! He used the toy while still soft, got the Tenga Vacuum Controller to suck him in and played with it, while every now and then released himself so he could be sucked in again…. *Fans self*

It is that powerful that it has the ability to pull you into the toy and given it is battery powered and not mains powered like the Suck-o-Mat, I am wondering how the bloody hell it manages it but then again, TENGA’s technology never fails to wow. The company is bloody genius when it comes to constantly upping their game! (Ps. Review of their SVR + ring coming to the blog soon… it will be worth a read 😉 Just sayin’).

My OH has told me to tell you all you cannot just force yourself inside the toy while powered on as you will in end pushing the controller off the cups. He reports enjoying the smaller cups more than the larger one because he feels the suction is more intense and feels like fluttering around his cock. I envision lots of butterflies happily fluttering about as I type this 😀 I have also been informed he prefers the smaller cups because they are easier to hold.

The toy works similar to a diaphragm – raises up as it sucks and releases when you want it to – however, that suction is intense and continues to suck until you start releasing some of the tension. This is actually more intense on the large cup because they have a larger surface area and he said he is quite anxious about the power and “the possibility of crushing a ball” – to quote him directly so please exercise caution and familiarize yourself with the buttons correctly before use!

The only thing he isn’t keen on with this toy is the fact it is powered on regular batteries – he worries about them leaking f he doesn’t remove them.

Overall, if you are a TENGA cup user and don’t own of these then you need to change that immediately!!! The Tenga Vacuum Controller is bloody awesome! We highly recommend the heated stick too!!

You can get the controller with comes with the XL cup here and the heater here.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank MEO for sending me the Tenga Vacuum Controller and the Tenga hole warmer in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself!

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