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Holding Hands – Wicked Wednesday – Prompt #355

by LSB

When I saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday was holding hands I just had to pen a quick few thoughts on it….

I love holding hands… Well, I love holding His hand. I think his hands are just beautiful. They amaze me with the power they are capable of and well, of course, their ability to do wonderful, delicious things to me.

An image of me and my husband holding hands

We certainly aren’t one of those couples who hold hands watching down the street – however, every now then we might as we stroll in the woods or along the beach.

No, we are the couple who hold hands while snuggled on the couch or while he drives or in the morning, just after he wakes, he reaches down and picks my hand up, entangles his fingers into mine and pulls me close and every morning, that sentiment melts me even though I felt his hands on mine hundreds if not thousands of times.

There is something so raw about hands – maybe it is all those nerves endings and the little sparks that fly about the body when skin touches off skin. Whatever it is, I just love the feeling of his hands enwrapped in mine, I love how secure that makes me feel.



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kisungura March 21, 2019 - 8:54 pm

Beautiful post LSB, I love the photo too, and agree that holding hands is just so intimate and creates a sense of safety and security too x

Cara Thereon March 23, 2019 - 11:26 am

This was so lovely to read. I can feel how much you love it (and him) in your words


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