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Fun Factory Bouncer Review – The Jiggly Balls dildo

by LSB

The Fun Factory Bouncer is one of those toys that has been on my wishlist since I saw it existed because it is different. It has what no other dildo has – three internal balls that move freely inside. However, that isn’t fully true. I thought these balls could freely move within the internal structure of the dildo and maybe have the ability to hit off each other. However, this isn’t the case. Each ball does freely move however it does that within its own compartment.

Please don’t read the tone of that opening paragraph as a negative – I am simply stating my findings as I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere.

The Fun Factory Bouncer comes all the other toys in the Fun Factory range and it basic and straight to the point! The is also available in corally red and baby pastel pink. I can’t remember if I picked black for review or not, but I am happy with the choice that arrived none the less because if given the choice, I’d have picked the black anyway!

The Fun Factory Bouncer is quite a rigid toy, there isn’t much flexibility to it at all. It has a huge flared base and it looks like it would be awesome to peg with as I’m guessing that base would sit comfortably against a body but given we don’t peg, I sadly cannot test that theory out. I am interested in how the suction cup behaves as it is completely flat. Usually, from my past experiences (this being my favourite), a domed base works better but we shall see and you will just have to keep reading 😉

It is just over 7 inches in length and around the balls is the girthiest part of the toy. Given how firm it is, it does feel larger to me in use compared to how it looks. The Fun Factory Bouncer is designed for g-spot play but given how there isn’t an actual firm lip, I can’t see it being a g-spotting toy for me.

In use, the FunFactory Bouncer most definitely feels bigger and heavier than it actually is. Now it is heavier than you’d expect for a dildo of its size and this is due to the internal balls. I recommend using lashings of water-based lube because like other FunFactory toys, I find the silicone draggy in use.

The suction cup is actually surprisingly strong in use considering its base. I do find it can unstick if you rough with it though.

The balls in the Fun Factory Bouncer create an internal thundery rumble when I thrust with it and this rumble penetrates well and certainly creates feelings I haven’t previously experienced with a dildo. It is I guess a dildo kegel balls hybrid that does brings something new to the table.

I would really recommend this toy to someone who enjoys firmer toys – while the toy is made from 100% silicone, there is little to no squish to it. There is, however, slight flexibility along the shaft so it can move and wiggle about in use which was a welcomed find. I don’t particularly enjoy overly firm toys, unless it is a slim glass piece and because of this the FunFactory Bouncer won’t be a toy I go for often and when I do, I will need to be really aroused and have lots of water-based lube nearby.

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