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Roots – #SinfulSunday 413

by LSB

‘A tree with strong roots laughs at storms’ – Malay Proverb

This was actually my other option for last week – I couldn’t decide between the two so in the end, the one with more boobs on show won (you can see that one here) – however they are visible here too… You just gotta look harder 😉


Click the lips to see who else might be sinning this week…

Sinful Sunday

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Brigit Delaney March 9, 2019 - 6:07 pm

I love them both, but I am partial to the darker colors in this one and the leaf patterns. Plus…I just have a thing for thigh highs.

LSB March 9, 2019 - 7:36 pm

I love the dark too- a lot of my images reflect some sort of darkness… I guess it’s how I see myself x

Elliott March 9, 2019 - 7:19 pm

Interesting image, Switch, this took a lot of careful study. You are so naughty for making me search.
(I cannot comment ‘like’ on this post, it just says ‘loading…’)

LSB March 9, 2019 - 7:35 pm

I have the unedited saved for another week which you will prob prefer 😉

Yeah – I have no idea why that is… I’ve tried to fix it 🙁

fridayam March 9, 2019 - 10:06 pm

A delight as always LSB, and the search for you in the mosaic is always wonderful 🙂 x

Modesty Ablaze March 10, 2019 - 9:30 am

Very clever . . . and very intriguing !!!
Xxx – K

May More March 10, 2019 - 4:38 pm

Love this – the light coming in from the side is gorgeous and it is just a fab composition x

Molly March 10, 2019 - 6:10 pm

This one almost feels like one of those colour in puzzles that reveals the picture

Cara Thereon March 10, 2019 - 7:15 pm

I really really like this shot with the darker color. You look beautiful


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