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Godemiche OFFBEAT Masturbators – Grande Vs Venti

by LSB

Time for another review by OH and this time he is putting the Godemiche OFFBEAT Masturbators – Grande Vs Venti through their paces – find out what he thought below 🙂

First off let me thank Godemiche silicone for allowing me to try their new product OFFBEAT.

OFFBEAT is Godemiches new silicone wank aid, it comes in two sizes and three different colour style options: Pearlescent – UV – standard with many colour options in each variant. They are ergonomically designed for ease of use and made of medical grade silicone. They retail on their shop for €23.60 the smaller one and €29.50 the larger. Or  £20.00 – £25.00 sterling.

For those of you who are not familiar with Godemiche This is what they are about:

“Godemiche was born through frustration and lack of the colour in the sex toys.

We – Adam and Monika – wanted to bring colour, pleasure and body safe products to the world and show big companies that we are fed up of the same old pink, purple and black in dildos. We wanted to let our creativity do the magic and show other people that sex toys can be beautifully unique but also safe to use as well as not too expensive, that’s why we’ve chosen silicone as a material. Silicone is a fantastic liquid which can create amazing patterns and swirls. We love it!! We want to help YOU to explore your sexuality, give you the best experience with our dildos.”

Godemiche originally sent these out to us in mid-late 2018 but requested we were not to review them due to them until they were a 100% happy with the final product. Upon inspecting the first batch there was slight discrepancies with The OFFBEATS uniformity but nothing major. However the Godemiche team were not happy, so revised the OFFBEAT and started again. Godemiche is a small business and this obviously cost them revenue however they were not happy and revised it anyway. Many larger companies wouldn’t do this they just go ahead anyway. Godemiche takes pride in their product and it shows, So well done!

The OFFBEAT comes in two sizes. The large one – 10cm long – (VENTI) that arrived is an overly shimmering electric blue and the smaller – 5cm long – (GRANDE) a metallic gold. Both are approx 3cm in diameter.  These can be used separately or in conjunction using the smaller one on the head. I tried them both separately first. The larger one (VENTI) is aimed at a fuller full shaft stimulation and it certainly does this. Due to the nature of the soft silicone, the amount and directional pressure is up to the BEATER.  The smaller one (GRANDE) is aimed at more of pinpoint stimuli and so I used this mainly on my head but also at the very base of my shaft. Both do a great job at what they are designed to do. Beware though a lot of lube is needed to prevent chafing and surprisingly enough, the smaller of the two needs the most, this could do with more contact with air so definitely don’t skimp with the lube “ unless that’s your thing”. Using them together takes The OFFBEATS to another level, the larger for thrusting the shaft while pinpoint stimuli on the head twisting and squeezing with the smaller one = perfection. These things live in my bedside man drawer.

The one thing that lets these down though is not the aids themselves but the packaging they arrive in. Toilet roll tubes with stickers attached is all I can describe the packaging. It lets them down. I know packaging isn’t everything and a lot of companies seem to think that it is and spend more time and money on packaging than the actual product but hygiene needs to be factored into the packaging process and this goes to all toys and aids. I have no idea who or what has been handling my product before I use it, I have no Idea if the packaging is sanitary. The OFFBEATS could do with a slight change in the packaging from the tubes they arrive in being lined or the aids themselves being sealed before packaging and the packaging then being sealed and so are tamper proof.

And so the after a good wash and the tubes sent to the recycling heaven they are now in a long term borrowed drawstring bag that my wife so kindly may be missing.

That apart, these little aids are in my bedside locker next to some very high-end toys and will remain there. Well done Godemiche keep it up.

Modelled beautifully on the Vixen Mustang

If interested, you can get your very own OFFBEAT here 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Godemiche for sending us the OFFBEATS in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself!

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