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Belou – Vibro-bullet with a Clitoral Simulator Review

posted by LSB January 19, 2019 0 comments

When I was asked if I would we interested in putting the Belou – Vibro-bullet with a Clitoral Simulator through its paces the first thing I spotted was how bulbous the bit you insert is. It looks like the typical egg style vibe except this has the addition of the clit stim handle. Egg style vibes wouldn’t usually be my thing if truth be told but the addition of clit vibes made this piece so much more interesting – now the question is would it actually work?

The Belou – Vibro-bullet with a Clitoral Simulator arrives in basic packaging – an outer sleeve protects the box and it box is tiny so it is rather hard to fit it all back in once you take it out. It doesn’t come with a storage bag and usually, this wouldn’t bother me too much but there is quite a few little bits to this toy do the addition of a storage bag would certainly have been welcomed.

The toy is available in the black and rose gold you see in the pics or completely rose gold.

Inside the box, you’ll get your toy, a little silicone pad which needs to be attached to the handle, a USB charging cable, remote(and battery) and the changing stand. The Belou – Vibro-bullet with a Clitoral Simulator needs to be slipped inside (Oooh -er!! ) the stand to charge and it takes approx 3 hours to reach a full charge according to the Orion website. This gives 45 minutes of play time. What a really bugs me about this toy is it completely discharges if not in use. It has happened several times to me now so I know it’s not just a once off – I have gone to test it out and about and found the toy dead. Again, I wanted to pop it in while I type this up, yanno for science purposes and found it completely dead again 🙁

The Belou – Vibro-bullet with a Clitoral Simulator has 4 speeds and 4 patterns – and is completely controlled via the remote. There are no buttons on the toy itself. The remote has a mode button to control the settings and a +/- to control the speed. The remote has a range of 5 metres. The remote is very responsive and powers on/off immediately once the power button (large button on top of remote) is pressed. The toy is 100% ABS plastic and has no seams or cracks on it for gunk to get lodged in. It is also 100% waterproof so cleaning it and bathtime fun isn’t an issse

In use, even though I really thought they would be buzzy the vibrations transfer really rumbly internally. Like deliciously rumbly. I do think the toy is loud but my OH disagrees with me and hadn’t a clue I was wearing it when I stood beside him.

Internally it feels really nice – size wise it beats the likes of the Sync because I feel fuller. However, it isn’t the type of toy that is suitable for use during intercourse.  Externally we run into issues because the clitoral arm is one solid piece with no flexibility and sadly, the arm is about 1cm short to hit my clit correctly. *sad face*. As a result, the Belou – Vibro-bullet with a Clitoral Simulator ends up being the kind of toy that keeps you on the brink and will never get you over the finish line. The perfect toy for orgasm denial. Arrgggghhhh!! It also feels kinda buzzy in the clitoral arm and I found I get over sensitive with it. So again, this works for folks into the orgasm denial. It doesn’t really work for me, sadly!

If interested you can get a Belou from Orion here

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orion for sending me the Belou – Vibro-bullet with a Clitoral Simulator in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Belou – Vibro-bullet with a Clitoral Simulator Review are taken by myself!

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